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Recent content by rdeloe

  1. rdeloe

    Backpack help please

    Shout out for the Ortlieb Atrack bags. I have the 35 L version of the one nameBrandon is showing in his pictures. Like Brandon says, it's basically a big dry bag with a harness system (very good). You use your own inserts. I built one to carry my outfit. The four inside pockets are very slim...
  2. rdeloe

    Pic included in Royal Observatory / BBC astro photography awards

    Community is good. Way to go Ed. If we can't celebrate victories and successes, what's the point?
  3. rdeloe

    Crop factor on 36.7 x 49 mm CCD sensor

    Another quick approach is to compare (focal length) / (Image length). When they're the same, the angle of view is the same. "Image length" can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. To illustrate, 50mm lens on 36mm edge of a 24mm x 36mm sensor is 1.389 (50/36) 61mm lens on 44mm edge of a 33mm x...
  4. rdeloe

    Beginner view camera with digital back

    Here's someone who mounted a GFX 50S onto an Arca-Swiss F-Line: (Thanks to Audii-Dudii for pointing me to this interesting project).
  5. rdeloe

    GFX100 - how to set Raw 16 bit?

    If you exhaust all the reasonable explanations, you could try a factory reset. In another forum there was a member using a 100S who encountered a similar "makes no sense" problem. He couldn't get the EXIF data written into the files when shooting with manual lenses. A factory reset cleared it...
  6. rdeloe

    GFX100 - how to set Raw 16 bit?

    I don't have a GFX 100, but I took a quick look at the manual and it says that 16 bit only takes effect in single-frame drive mode.
  7. rdeloe

    Reasons for MF in 2021

    There's definitely a strong emotion/preference component. I have a perfectly good Fuji X-T2, and I know that I can use it to make excellent, publishable work. It does things I can't do with my 50R + VX23D outfit. Logically, I should be using it, but every time I do, in the back of my mind I know...
  8. rdeloe

    Beginner view camera with digital back

    If the moderator wants to close a thread, I'd close the one in the Large Format Forum (but move @anyone's great suggestion here). The Large Format forum is not very busy, and mostly film. I built an outfit using a Toyo VX23D and a Fuji GFX 50R as the back. If you want to mostly shoot at 100mm...
  9. rdeloe

    Reasons for MF in 2021

    I think photography forums attract people who like photography and also like gear. Many people like gear more than they like photography, and honestly that's just fine. That's why threads like this are so common. Recently I finished David Campany's new book, On photographs. I really liked it...
  10. rdeloe

    Reasons for MF in 2021

    1) There's the do what gives you pleasure argument. Life is short, then you die. If you like and can afford using certain kinds of equipment, even for reasons that don't make any technical sense, then why not? 2) There are technical reasons linked to the size of the sensor and how it performs...
  11. rdeloe

    Adapting Pentax A 645 35mm to Mamiya 645

    On my outfit I can get nice clean shifts out to 10mm. Beyond that image quality declines substantially because I'm pushing the edge of the image circle. This is with a 33mm x 44mm sensor. Here's a screenshot of a panorama made with +/- 10mm of shift. This is my favourite location for evaluating...
  12. rdeloe

    Adapting Pentax A 645 35mm to Mamiya 645

    Way to go! I love these kinds of projects. Your mount looks very professional. I use this lens on my GFX 50R + Toyo VX23D outfit. I didn't have to adapt this one, but I had to do a re-mount to get my Mamiya G 50/4 working.
  13. rdeloe

    Behind the scenes

    Worth the wait!
  14. rdeloe

    Samyang 24mm f/3.5 Tilt-Shift Lens on GFX: a deep dive

    Here's the final mount solution. Once I decided it was a keeper, I locked the tilt mechanism down and made some modifications that allowed for a neater, more secure mount to the Toyo board. The only thing I still need to do is replace that bit of electrical tape that currently covers the hole...