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  1. rdeloe

    Toyo VX23D digital view camera outfit for Fuji GFX 50R – ready to shoot

    The switch happened back in April. I built a new camera using a Mamiya 645 Auto Bellows. It has all the movements on the front standard, which (to my surprise) has been quite workable. Its main plus for me is that this "MAB Camera" weighs 750 grams and is very tiny compared to my VX23D. I can...
  2. rdeloe

    Toyo VX23D digital view camera outfit for Fuji GFX 50R – ready to shoot

    I can't believe this day has come, but I'm parting with my lovely Toyo VX23D. I'm selling the whole outfit. It's complete and ready to shoot if you have a GFX 50R and a suitable lens. It really does work best with a GFX 50R because of the tiny grip on that camera, which allows it to sit close...
  3. rdeloe

    adapting GFX 100S to Alpa with movement?

    You folks need to come over to the dark side! Homemade cameras are where it's at. ;)
  4. rdeloe

    adapting GFX 100S to Alpa with movement?

    Friendly amendment to Paul's point... The exception is the now venerable GFX 50R, which has a grip that does not extend beyond the mount face. Another important issue is the flange distance of the mirrorless bodies, which knocks a lot of lenses out of contention -- notably wide angle.
  5. rdeloe

    H lens on GFX -- what happens when you power off?

    Fantastic, thank you. Alas, that's bad news for my intended purpose, which was to use it off camera as an adapted lens. Oh well, on to the next idea...
  6. rdeloe

    H lens on GFX -- what happens when you power off?

    If you use the Fuji adapter for H lenses on GFX cameras, what happens when you set the lens to an aperture (say f/11), put the camera in bulb mode to open the shutter (if that works) and then power off. Does the aperture stay at f/11, and does the shutter stay open? Rob
  7. rdeloe

    X2D + new lenses: first impressions

    If you want to see the results of a deep technical dive, Jim Kasson (who hangs out at the DPReview medium format forum) is putting his X2D through its paces. He also uses a GFX 100S, so the comparisons he's doing of sensor performance are interesting. His findings also appear on his blog...
  8. rdeloe

    What’s the current state of Phase One?

    The PC-Nikkor 19mm f/4 is a very complex lens. It has 17 element in 13 groups. I would be astonished to discover that it doesn't involve a floating element design to correct poor performance in the corners at close distances. That seems to be par for the course for modern wide angle retrofocus...
  9. rdeloe

    adapting GFX 100S to Alpa with movement?

    Imagine a hole in the ground with a mirror at the bottom. If you're walking towards the hole, there will be a point at which you can see the hole and not the mirror, then part of the mirror, and then the whole mirror. That's the issue. The sensor in any GFX camera is deep inside a "cavity"...
  10. rdeloe

    Website help

    I keep it simple. SmugMug works well for me. The technical support via email is superb. It's quite customizable, so it doesn't have to look like everyone else's.
  11. rdeloe

    Fuji GF 50mm or GF 63mm Lens On GFX50S ll

    The good news is that if you're planning to shoot the lens at f/5.6, I really don't think there's any difference between them in terms of image quality. So it comes down to things like which focal length you prefer, and how important autofocus is to you. The autofocus on the 63/2.8 I used was...
  12. rdeloe

    Fuji GF 50mm or GF 63mm Lens On GFX50S ll

    They're both good lenses. The GF 50 focuses a lot faster than the GF 63, which can hunt. Shouldn't the subject matter you need be the main consideration? Unless you're doing environmental portraits, wouldn't the longer lens be better? In fact, what about the 80mm or 110mm for portraits?
  13. rdeloe

    Are there any 3rd Party lenses for Pentax 645Z

    I liked the flexibility of having a 200/280mm lens. I've used it some more and it is a very good optic. I'm really quite impressed. However, the weight is something else. And, I've discovered that the way I'm using it creates a problem I didn't anticipate. It's not the fault of the lens, but on...
  14. rdeloe

    Suggestions for Carrying Case for Hassey 907x-cfv ii 50c + xcd 21mm Lens

    It is surprisingly durable considering that it is an open cell foam. On the outside, I wrapped it with a strong tape, which creates a skin that completely protects it. However, most of the compartments could not be wrapped that way, so they are subject to the regular friction that comes with...