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    My Konica Minolta 5D died today :(

    I had two 5D's and one 7D. They had the best colors of any of the older A-mounts and a perfect match for that Minolta 100mm. Unfortunately mine all suffered the same fate as yours.
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    Sony A99 Lenses recommended for Portraits and walk around

    For portraits the 135mm 2.8 STF is pretty special, still sought after so no real bargains, and manual focus only but worth it, IMO.
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    Is Sony A7S series the best for getting a good image on the LCD in low light?

    The A7RII through A7RIV and the A7III all have the bright monitoring functionality which might help you out.
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    Fotodiox TLT-ROKR Mamiya 645 to Sony E Mount Tilt Shift Adapter $80

    Fotodiox TLT-ROKR Mamiya 645 to Sony E Mount Tilt Shift Adapter Great condition, with packaging. Up to 10mm shift each direction and 10 deg of tilt. This worked really well for me but I ended up getting a Cambo Actus and subsequently not using this much.
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    Sigma DP3M

    Yeah the DPxQ's ergonomics don't impress very much. I would like to check out the SFD feature and 21:9 aspect ratio option though. Someday I may check out a DP0Q. In the meantime, I've really enjoyed using the DP Merrills with an Aputure VS-2 field monitor on a magic arm. It really only limits...
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    Sigma DP3M

    Very true, I got into the DPx Merrill game after looking at some prints a friend had made. I think he summed the experience up perfectly. "Some of the best pictures you will ever take with one of the worst cameras you will ever use..." Great shots btw.
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    Sigma FF L-mount Foveon Camera

    I realize this is like a week old bad news but still so disheartening... Development status of the full-frame Foveon sensor camera
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    Cambo Actus - bellows and rails sizing for M645?

    Thanks for the responses, all, very much appreciated. I figured the standard bellows would work for general photography but wasn't sure about macro. Hadn't considered large format/tech camera lenses yet and probably won't for some time.
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    Cambo Actus - bellows and rails sizing for M645?

    I'm considering getting a Cambo Actus with my Sony A7RII as the back. I shot Mamiya 645 film for a while and have the 35mm, 45mm, 55mm, 80mm, 110mm, 120mm, 150mm, and 210mm lenses. I looked around and haven't been able to find at which focal lengths the larger rails and long bellows at the...
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    Kipon Baveyes adapters

    I realize this is almost three years later, but I have been using the M645 to Sony for a couple months now and like it very much. It gives a special look to stills and although I don't capture a lot of video, that has a very unique look too, also the larger lense barrels and longer throws help...
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    FS: Cambo Actus II Sony FE or Canon EF kit

    I realize this is an older post, but curious if you ever sold the Cambo Actus?