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Recent content by saintsteve

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    GFX 100 questions

    I wouldn't be so glib. They are needed for those of us whose livelihood depend on them.
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    X1D II or maybe a III

    If you can find an x1d II for $2500 please get two and I'll take one off your hands :) Right now the x1d is going for anywhere between $2300-2500 and the mark II is hovering around $5000 used. I ended up buying a GFX 50R for $2750 and so far not disappointed. Happy shopping and good luck.
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    Possible scam

    Why don't you just out them here so no one else falls for the scam? "If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck."
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    FS: Hasselblad X1D Body Like New Condition

    And the price is?
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    Leica M10 - Using it Professionally?

    Cameras do not produce income, photographers do! Much like a hammer and saw do not produce income, carpenters do. The photographer is the professional not the camera and part of the process is choosing the right tool for the job. As a photographer for the last 43 years I have used every format...
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    Is it worth €1,999?

    Like boxers or briefs, it depends. I paid $1750. for it when it first came out and it more than paid for itself on its first outing, the Boston Marathon. Worth its weight in gold for me.
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    FS: Vello bg-s3 battery grip for Sony A7ii, A7Rii, A7Sii

    LNIB battery grip updated model with Sony chip. Works flawlessly. Holds two batteries and has vertical controls. $55.00 pp & shipping included.
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    FS: Olympus 75mm 1.8 silver

    LNIB olympus 75mm 1.8 Olympus 75mm 1.8 LNIB includes box and all original paperwork. Indistinguishable from new, plastic still on lenscap. $550.00 pp & shipping included Thanks for looking.
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    Sony Alpha MIS Strobe/Flash Options

    If its the same cable that I use for the 685s then its this one. It looks like they switched over to the canon connector. Although after looking at the...
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    A7Rll Sensor Cleaning

    I have the Sony specific gel stick and it has worked flawlessly on my Nikon D600, Leica T and Olympus E-M1. That being said it left a residue on my Sony A6000 and I had to resort to a wet cleaning with sensor swabs and eclipse fluid. It took four tries and two swabs but now the sensor is as...
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    LNIB olympus 75mm 1.8

    forgot to mention: paypal & shipping included.