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Recent content by se7en

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    WTB: Expression of interest - Imacon 848 or 949

    Hi everyone, since my scanning is really starting to ramp up looks like I should have a serious think about getting another Imacon. Looking for anyone thinking of selling on either an 848 or 949 - definitely let me know as I'll be keen to discuss. Have a great day!
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    WTB: Cambo Legend 8x10

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    WTB: Apo Sironar S 150 mint

    Still a truly fantastic lens! You won’t be disappointed with the Apo W 😊
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    WTB: Cambo Legend 8x10

    Hi everyone! Just looking for a very neat and tidy Cambo Legend 8x10 for sale. Just wanting to get another of these great cameras next to my Sinars since my 8x10 needs are back up and running. Definitely reach out if you have a good example and we can chat further. Have a great day!
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    WTB: Cambo Wide 1000 5x4 - with 100mm

    Hi everyone! I'm on the hunt for a Cambo Wide DS in the 5x4 configuration and setup for the 100mm lens combination - if anyone has a tidy example definitely be in touch! Have a great day!
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    WTB: Apo Sironar S lenses

    Can’t recommend the 150 enough, Paul ;) It’s brilliant. I have the “Sinaron SE” version of the Apo-Sironar S. Amazing image circle! That said, I use it for fashion rather than landscape, etc - still spectacular nonetheless.
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    FS: Hasselblad PM90 90-degree prism.

    Still for sale 🔝
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    WTB: Phase One Schneider 150mm F3.5 LS

    Hi everyone - just looking for a decent Phase Schneider 150mm LS - just the black/silver ring version. Anyone with a competitive price looking for a new home. Let me know what you have! Have a great day!
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    FS: Mamiya/Phase One 120mm f4 MF Macro - EXC Cond

    Just selling my Mamiya/Phase 120mm f4 Macro - this is the manual focus version for the Mamiya/Phase One 645 AF system (not the old generation manual focus Mamiya system). I've had experience recently with both this MF version and the current blue ring - this still performs on par to my needs...