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Recent content by Simon Barter

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    Capture One 20, Lens correction is not working for photos without EXIF data❓❓

    Re: Capture One 20, Lens correction is not working for photos without EXIF data❓❓ Yes, I believe it only gets that information from the exif data so without it your software has no way of knowing which lens corrections to apply.
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    Arca Swiss P0 Hybrid/Replacement of QR Clamp

    The last P0 Hybrid I got had no glue and most of the used Arca stuff I've come across didn't have any glue so I thought they'd learned their lesson and moved on. Nope nope nope. I got a brand spanking new GP Cube a few weeks ago and they've used Loctite red. :angry: It annoys me no end...
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    why is tech cam equipment so expensive?

    It's not racism, it's a misunderstanding of what the businesses are actually doing. There is a world of difference between the high end parts they produce which go into equipment most people will never see or bother to understand versus cheap products made in a random factory for bulk sales but...
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    Can Profoto Air TTL controller trigger Hensel Integra Plus lights?

    Why not just use the optical sensor on your Hensel heads? That way firing the Profoto head will also trigger your Hensel heads or vice versa, let the Hensel heads trigger any Profoto heads via their optical sensors.