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    Hard to decide the right tech cam setup... still fighting

    Should mention that you can also rent any of these cameras for a week from Capture Integration- a good way to trial.
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    Hard to decide the right tech cam setup... still fighting

    If you are looking at the Cambo 400, I would also look at the Cambo WRS-1600, which has a rotating back. This is my current camera. For me this is an indispensable function- not wanting to take the digital back off and on in the field (or as Dave mentioned, having two tripod mounts- had not...
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    Rodenstock 138mm Float

    On the Capture Integration web site it does show the 138mm lens in an X shutter planned to be released some time this year.
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    COVID-19 vaccination

    I got my first dose- Moderna, and am going to have the booster next week. It feels really good to be safe from serious complications- hopefully. I hope for everyone's sake we can really ramp this up for the whole world.
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    Questions on trying to get better at using tilt on a tilt-swing

    This thread has me thinking a lot about using tilt for landscape photos- I have the Cambo 1600 WRS with four Rodenstock lenses, only one of which (40mm) has the tilt/shift mount. My question is, should I consider having my other three lenses (28, 70, 120mm) re-mounted for tilt-shift, or would I...
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    Rodenstock 138mm Float

    A quick question; if you are using the Actus monorail, do you need to switch to the longer 300mm rail? Just curious if the 150mm monorail is long enough...
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    Anyone using the Rodenstock 23mm?

    Warren, With regards to focus, the beauty of a super wide lens lIke this is that your depth of field is huge. In focusing on the building at a far distance, it should all be sharp focus, particularly at f8 or f11. The only focus concern I find shooting wide angle is at very near range, if you...
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    Kipon Adapter for Hasselblad

    A question on adapters- hopefully someone knows; I am looking at the Kipon Tilt-shift adapter for use on a Hasselblad X camera. Kipon makes an adapter for Mamiya 645 lenses- my question is; would this also work with my Phase One lenses? If the answer is yes, then I have a lot of lenses that...
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    Hasselblad 180/4 with teleconverter and CFV

    Since many of you have a lot of experience with Hassy telephoto lenses, let me ask a brief question. Any difference in optical quality between the C and CF versions of the Hasselblad 250mm auperachromats? I notice that the C version can be found for quite a bit less, so if the optics are equal...
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    Medium Format Magazine - November 2020.

    Stunning images, and great articles- so glad I found this resource. The Island images are just fantastic!
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    A major update!

    I am going to subscribe to the Medium Format magazine today. Thanks! John
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    Hasselblad C vs CF lenses

    Since there are many more adapters for older Hasselblad lenses on digital cameras, I am looking at a Hasselblad telephoto lens. This may have been addressed before, but will the C and CF lenses work on a digital camera with an electronic shutter? It would require that the lens have a manual...
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    The great tripod & head thread!

    This Think Tank Changer 50 looks like it makes just about the perfect cover. I just ordered one for my tripod head- the cube C1. By my measurements it should just fit snugly over the head. Good recommendation!