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Recent content by stephengilbert

  1. stephengilbert

    Sanity check...

    Or put Ken in a small vehicle or a blind.
  2. stephengilbert

    Kdphotography rules

    You'd think, ruling as he does, that Ken would know that the "K" is lower case: kdphotography.
  3. stephengilbert

    Kdphotography rules

    Ken may be wonderful, but Don is tall.
  4. stephengilbert

    The Worst Medium Format Camera Money Can Buy

    And can't pronounce "epitome." e-pit-o-me, not epi-tome.
  5. stephengilbert

    The great tripod & head thread!

    Were you raised in a barn? You've got the claw feet on a wood floor.
  6. stephengilbert

    Sails Chong rips Hasselblad a new one '

    Well, if Godfrey's never heard of him, there's no more we need to know.
  7. stephengilbert

    New Phase One Accessories from DT

    Do trolls know that they're trolls?
  8. stephengilbert

    Irwin Puts Says Farewell to Leica?

    I guess I just don't understand his "business" or other relationship. If you don't know who is is, perhaps you could try to find out.
  9. stephengilbert

    Irwin Puts Says Farewell to Leica?

    Erwin Puts Says Farewell to Leica (?)
  10. stephengilbert

    Possible tariffs on German lenses

    "Trade wars are easy to win." D. Trump.
  11. stephengilbert

    macOS Catalina: is it safe ?

    Define “safe.” I spent a half hour this morning getting my dock back. I hope it’ll be there tomorrow.
  12. stephengilbert

    Alpa 6x6