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Recent content by stngoldberg

  1. stngoldberg

    Sony 600mm f4 lens

    Pelican portraits
  2. stngoldberg

    For Sale PHASE ONE 150mm lens..$500.00

    I have the lens in front of me now it doesn’t indicate a version. It is auto focus , f 2.8, serial number PG001106 AS FAR AS I can tell it’s in perfect condition I’m only selling it because I have a blue ring of the same focal length, hence the low price stanley
  3. stngoldberg

    Phase One 40-80 Blue Ring rendering?

    I have one and I agree with Bill concerning the rendering and the weight, but I’m not selling stanley
  4. stngoldberg

    IQ4-150 - what features don't work on a tech cam?

    I upgraded to the IQ4 for all the reasons you enumerate….so happy I did..received A good deal from Capture Intergration stanley
  5. stngoldberg

    Hello from Wydaho

    Looked at your website and must say your work is impressive. please continue to share with us stanley
  6. stngoldberg

    looking for tripod/ballhead for tech camera

    I concur with Victor. On multiple occasions I have tried and mostly failed to achieve perfectly sharp images on a sandy beach with even moderate wind using frame averaging on long exposures. Adding extra weight to stabilize the tripod, using my arms to limit vibration were all employed, but...
  7. stngoldberg

    Sony A1 images

    Washington square park in New York City stanley
  8. stngoldberg

    Fun with MF images 2022

    Sorry for the confusion. I tried them both independently. I liked the result from the dual exposure best. As you might imagine, the dual exposure yields more contrast. stanley
  9. stngoldberg

    Fun with MF images 2022

    Got lucky last evening with a sunset over the Pell bridge which connects Newport, RI to Jamestown, RI. Used both frame averaging and dual exposure while shooting with an IQ4150 and in post processing was impressed with the amount of detail available in the shadows without any noise. Staggering...
  10. stngoldberg

    Fun with MF images 2022

    100 year old roofline stanley
  11. stngoldberg

    Fun with MF images 2022

    I am somewhat reluctant to post this image as it appears as though it is enhanced, but it is NOT. The color was this vibrant, but only for a short time Stanley