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    Fun with Nikon Images 2022

    Well, gave the eclipse a shot with the Z9. Wasn’t satisfied with the iso/shutter combos I was getting with the 70-200 2.8S and 2xTC, so I took the TC off and went for wide open at 2.8……and remembered about the star tracker in the closet after I closed up shop *facepalm*. Still fun though.
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    Technical Camera Images

    Heavily cropped lunar eclipse photo from last night with the IQ4 Achromatic, Alpa STC, and Rodie 70HR (no filters on lenses). No, not the right tool for the job, but still fun
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    IQ180 - Remote Shutter Release not working anymore

    We’ve all been there haha. Happy shooting!
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    New M10 Monochrom - first walk

    Congrats on the new toy! I picked one up to shoot with during the pandemic and it was a fun and fantastic camera to shoot with.
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    CCD MF back, how to do noise reduction?

    You can use the scene calibration tool in Phocus:
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    Future of Hassy- Bleak or Bright?

    I'm still trying to hold out for a 100mp CFVIII....would make a great companion to the IQ4 Achro. The CFVII is great too but I can't justify the upgrade cost from the X1D until I start traveling more, so I figure I may as well just wait it out anyway.
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    That’s from Just because a 1099-k is generated doesn’t mean you’ll owe taxes on it as long as you have the relevant documentation. Anyway, I’m not a tax professional so feel free to follow up with ones my understanding is, just like any other stock or security, you just enter the...
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    My understanding of the new tax changes (re:payPal, eBay, etc regarding 1099-K) are that you don’t pay taxes on a loss….which it seems you are taking here. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong but if you are taking a loss G&S PayPal shouldn’t matter for your taxes (you may need to report but...
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    Phase One IQ3 100 Acromatic (only 625 actuations, original warranty 02/2023)

    The P1 Achromatic backs super special, hope someone snaps it up! GLWS!
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    Future of Hassy- Bleak or Bright?

    All we can do is speculate. FWIW, there was a rumor of the first X2D pic leak in March….is it real or fake? Will it make it to market? Again we can only speculate. I personally believe there will be a...
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    New Z9 ....How to quickly get smart ?

    I bought the Z9 mainly for photos of my fast and erratic moving young children so no laughing here. Overkill - maaaaaaybe - but I’ve got a lot more in focus shots of them than ever before which I’m not mad about. They should start playing sports in the next year or two and I’m totally gonna be...
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    Leica MONO Technique - Filters

    Yep this is the downside for sure. When I had the M10M I kept it simple and only used a 50mm so it wasn’t that big a deal. The high iso performance was good enough for my uses I found the M10M more or less ISO invariant for my purposes and just it to auto and let it go, so the light loss didn’t...
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    Leica MONO Technique - Filters

    Yes. For example I found a noticeable difference in adding contrast to cloudy skies (and details to clouds) when using an orange filter on the M10 Mono. Same with the IQ4 Achromatic. Maybe it’s possible to duplicate the effect in post but it’s nice to do it camera too.
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    GF lenses reaching US?

    GF lenses for the GFX have been in the US for awhile. Our forum sponsor Capture Integration (based in Atlanta) has some in stock right now as do other retailers. is there a lens you’re looking for that isn’t available?
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    Anyone have any photos with the S3?

    Im guessing this is a type and you meant *dont* mean to disrespect? either way [not directed at shortpballer]….mirrorless vs mirror….in general: who cares? Plenty of folks out there that would probably say digital in general is for the lazy too. Shoot whatever floats ones boat and/or is the...