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    Batis 25 and Batis 85 - Availability and Experiences

    "Eye-Start AF" is indeed feature that can be only used when LA-EA2/4 SLT-Adapter and an A Mount lens is mounted. This option just make AF activate when one looks through EVF, nothing to do with focusing into subjects eye. "Eye AF" on the other hand does not have/need (personally I would not...
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    Sony create a new camera.

    Yes, "A77 lite" indeed and available March 2016? Woot, might as well be 2019. Strange, strange product announcement.
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    Sony lenses on Roger's optical bench...compared.

    Lensrentals also tests these things with camera/sensor inequation, with Imatest. Here's what Roger had to say about FE lenses on Imatest Also, it seems that manufacturers including Sony respect Roger's work and he works with them quite closely and...
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    Uncompressed 14bit RAW

    The initial press release for uncompressed RAW release says "Additionally, they have announced plans to add user selectable compressed or uncompressed 14-Bit RAW still image capture via firmware update to additional cameras beginning with the recently introduced α7R II full-frame mirrorless...
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    To critical reader Roger's testing and dxomark agree 1:1 on the FE 35/1.4 ZA in sharpness comparison to competition from Sigma. Sigma 35/1.4 is way sharper throughout the frame on open apertures (dxomark link below) and even stopping down the 2x more expensive Sony never catches the Sigma. Sony...
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    Comparing A7R2 compressed and uncompressed raw files

    Someone recently presented a good example on the "stacking need" to push. If lens vignets heavily the lens correction alone can be 2 stops before any actual PP is done.
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    Comparing A7R2 compressed and uncompressed raw files

    I've been saying (and so have others, like the guy who took the infamous star trail / artefact pic that pretty started the whole "Sony RAW compressions wars") all the time that there would be more details to be extracted from highlights in lossless files (where the compressed data is "thinnest")...
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    Next from Mitakon is 135mm 1.4

    Very true. Personally I'm a kind of middle ground guy so after trying the ZA 85/1.4 + LA-EA4 and letting it go due to CA, slack in MF ring, noisy/center-grouped AF etc. I picked up a smart adapted Zeiss APO Sonnar ZE 135/2. So I have exif and thus automatic focal length for IBIS in my A7R II...
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    Next from Mitakon is 135mm 1.4

    Screw drive in ZA 135/1.8 so LA-EA4 only; none of the cool gizmos in A7R II are used. Center-only AF point coverage, noisy AF, front/back focus potential with microadjust needs, SLT-A65 AF basically. Yet absolutely stellar results when things line up correctly :)
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    A7R2 - Firmware update available (14-bit uncompressed RAW)

    Just updated, took pretty long time. Lossy compression is still available, there is menu option to to select "RAW File Type" with options "Uncompressed" and "Compressed".
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    Fun With Sony Cameras

    Re: Fun with the Sony A7 Series Cameras( all of them) Temple of Promise, Black Rock Desert. A7R II + FE16-35/4. 16 mm, F/11.
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    The Definitive Sony B&W Images Thread

    Slice of a Cat. A7R + Zeiss Apo Sonnar 135/2, wide open with bounce flash.
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    Where does an 800 lb gorilla sit in a room with no mirrors?

    I think the lenses are an issue. Sony thinks the lenses are an issue, that is why they are designing completely new types of lenses to work optimally on a hybrid Sensor-PDAF/CDAF cameras. For example Sony FE Sony 70-200/4 is totally different type of lens than prior Sony A Mount zooms; even the...
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    Fun With Sony Cameras

    Re: Fun with the Sony A7 Series Cameras( all of them) A breathing statue (R-Evolution by Marco Cochrane) in Black Rock desert. A7R II + Batis 85
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    Where does an 800 lb gorilla sit in a room with no mirrors?

    Maybe check out the progression over last few years from CIPA numbers. DLSR sales are about -45% or so down in last 3 years, mirrorless is slightly up. So it is not like Canon is sailing smoothly, their camera business is hurting/stale while other units are doing nice. Check their quarterly...