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Recent content by TRSmith

  1. TRSmith

    Like Notifications

    Hey everyone! It's been a good long while since I've been around. Hope all is well. I've recently started receiving email notifications that images I've posted in the past are being "liked". Of course I certainly appreciate that and am honored. However, given that it's been over a year since...
  2. TRSmith

    Fun with Nikon Images

    I'm always somewhat blindsided by how quickly the Christmas celebration comes and goes. Fortunately, there are people like this that add (in my mind) just the right combination of fun and good cheer to make it special. And to everyone, all the best in the coming New Year.
  3. TRSmith

    Fun with Nikon Images

    Milkweeds in my long-forgotten garden.
  4. TRSmith


    Maybe the trickiest part of these incrementally-better product introductions is what to do with the "old" model. I've owned and watched as the value of what was once the top-of-the-line camera body rather quickly became worth less than the shipping cost to sell it. Add to that my tendency to...
  5. TRSmith

    D810 and huge prints...looking for advice

    I recently made a triptych out of a single frame from the D810. The two outside panels were approx. 30.5" x 43.5" and the center panel was 43" x 50". I used ON1 Resize to make the uprezzed image and had it printed on an Epson 9900. At the crrect viewing distance it was wonderful. Surprising...
  6. TRSmith


    Sounds like another destination to add to the list. Thanks!
  7. TRSmith


    Now you're just making stuff up. Right? (jk)
  8. TRSmith

    Fun with Nikon Images

    End of summer in sight.
  9. TRSmith

    Fun with Nikon Images

    I can't remember if I posted these already. I thought I did. From a trip to a local woolen mill that uses 100-year-old machinery to make yarn from local sheep. Wonderful old machinery still going strong.
  10. TRSmith

    Fun with Nikon Images

    This an outtake from a recent shoot with a friend's daughter. It represents new territory for me, using a softbox outside for the first time. I have a lot to learn but can see the potential. Also, I think I'm kind of in love with the new Nikkor 105. I took a big gulp and set the lens wide open...
  11. TRSmith

    Lens Correction Slow Down in C1-Pro fix

    I have no idea if this issue has already been discussed here or if this is old news. I did a quick scan of the threads and didn't see anything so thought I'd post in case anyone else ran into the same problem. I've been experiencing endless spinning beach balls and ultra slow performance in...
  12. TRSmith

    Nikon 105 f/1.4 -- Yummy !!!

  13. TRSmith

    Fun with Nikon Images

    A beautiful Saturday night anchored off the coast of Maine in front of Stonington, ME. Lovely to have friends with a sailboat!
  14. TRSmith

    Fun with Nikon Images

    This is with the Zeiss 100mm f/2 Makro-Planar. I had always considered it to be the sharpest lens I own. That was until the new Nikkor 105 f1.4 came along. Maybe it has something to do with the resolving power of the D810. I don't know, but I DO know that I am even more impressed with the 105...
  15. TRSmith

    One body, one prime -- your thoughts

    This thread has drifted into some interesting territory. I don't want to completely hammer what might be seen as a dead issue, but I've recently returned from an extended fishing trip into the Maine woods. We fish for native trout in remote ponds from canoes. It's wet, buggy, and messy. The...