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    Silvestri lupe, worth the money over 5$ lupe or a myths?

    I have Silvestri x8 lupe that costs around 100$ and I have 10x lupe that I bought from Ali Express for around 2-3$. I planed to buy Silvestri x12 lupe after I will try the x8 one. But now, I found that it is not worth the money for my opinion. After a few months of working with both (Jewelry...
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    35xl vs 40hr

    I have both. I do not know which one to sell. They are both good in their way. So, for now I do keep them both in our arsenal. I do use them on both Sony A7R2 and MF CCD sensor. I do not remember any specific issue with neither of them. The Rodie 40mm HR it is a monster. It is the biggest in...
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    loupe / Lupe for sliding back focusing glass

    I'm searching for best value loupe to purchase. I read a few threads here, I saw that some of the members use Silvestri loupe, some use Schneider loupe and more. I saw that Silvestri loupe is good known brand, but quite expensive one. I know that the price for Silvestri loupe is not even close...
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    Credo + C1 + Win7 not recognized the back

    Thank you both. FW update solved it.
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    Credo + C1 + Win7 not recognized the back

    Hello, I'm trying to work USB3 tethered via C1 with Credo back, but it doesn't recognized the back. I think I might missing a driver that related to the back. Anyone might know what am I missing here?
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    Sekonic C-700R/ C-7000 experienced users review?

    Is there here anyone who use one of the Sekonic spectrum meter C-700R or the C-7000 that can give me his feedback related of post long tern of use? Do they worth the money? Are they are accurate? I find it hard to understand what are the differences between these two models. Any additional...
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    FS Schneider Apo Digitar 35mm XL

    Where have you been 3 months ago? :( That is the lowest price I ever see for this lovely lens. Although I have Rodie 40HR-W, I still in some cases use the SK 35mm. Good luck with the sale ! The price is much more than decent.
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    Another "Is medium format worth it " article

    Re: Another Is medium format worth it " article One of the most unprofessional "review" I ever read.
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    PELI and other alternative for storing MF tech camera

    Thank you both. I was thinking about the Peli 1560. I do not fly much, after all Israel is a small country. But I prefer to use a trolley. It is more easier to move from the office to the car and vise versa. I find it a bit hard to decide if the size is enough for me or not, without see it in...
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    PELI and other alternative for storing MF tech camera

    I have Cambo Ultima + MF + lenses that I want to buy a storing case for the entire equipment. I want a case in order to restore the equipment, but more important for portability via my clients. First question: What PELICAN model is recommended? Second question: Does it has alternative? Or go...
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    My New Website

    Lovely. I didn't know that LR has the capability to create websites. It is doing well job. For someone who want to create a website and has no knowledge in web development, that is lovely result ! I love it as it; clean, neat, simple. As a website need to be. There are small things that I...
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    Hi another comparison of DPReview samples

    Text: IQ, Fuji, Canon, Nikon Corner: I will call it almost a draw between Canon, Fuji and IQ Moise: IQ, Canon, Fuji, Nikon. The winner is IQ3 for my opinion.
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    Comparing resolution

    #7 is my choice. Somehow #1 and #2 seem like they shared the same "profile". Are they from the same brand?
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    Someone want to condiser the points in this article?

    In addition, it is seem like there is a purpose (agenda) of this article. If you start to play a bit, and not relay on the editor/author choice, you will find things like this one...
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    Someone want to condiser the points in this article?

    I feel, every time that this subject is discuss, " DSLR vs MF", is more like trying to compare oranges vs apples. It is much more than ISO. There are a lot of questions that need to be ask for each time someone need to decide regarding to choosing his system. Purpose of use? If someone looking...