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Recent content by vjbelle

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    Looking for Mamiya / Leaf maintenance and support

    You really are a wealth of information (y). Thank you for your thoughtful clarification. Victor B.
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    Looking for Mamiya / Leaf maintenance and support

    I had similar looking files when I had a faulty connector from the lens/shutter to the back. For sure see if you can eliminate or see if that is the cause. A very inexpensive fix if its just the cable. Victor B.
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    IQ4 150 Firmware Update - Overexposure instead of underexposure with Technical Cameras

    I think what Phase has done is an improvement over the 'under exposed' images I used to get. I have found that the RGB histogram is very reliable and I rely on it along with just a visual on the LCD. There are times when the histogram can lead to a visually overexposed image but nothing, so...
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    IQ4 Exposure Simulation with Update #8

    Phase has fixed, at least for me, the underexposed files that were produced when using live view with exposure simulation. Prior to this update adjustments made in live view with the RGB and histogram aids almost always resulted in files that were underexposed. I always had to push the...
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    IQ4 150 Firmware Feature Update # 8

    New firmware available for the IQ4. Victor B.
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    Can you please tell me if this is one of the Arca Swiss Cubes that can have the flip lock changed or not?

    The RRS lever clamp will also not grab a Cambo Actus tech camera rail - in fact neither will the RRS screw clamp. Any of the non Arca branded plates could be too narrow for the RRS clamps. I may be one of the few to really like the flip lock. It has never failed me in the many years I have...
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    FS: [$500 Price Drop] Schneider 72mm Apo Digitar L in Cambo T/S mount $2650

    A super lens..... I own one and would never sell it. It has a generous 90mm image circle for lots of shifting room. Alpa used to market this lens as their aerial lens because it was so sharp. I find the focal length to be very useful for landscape and cityscape. GLWS... Victor B.
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    Looks like tilt is coming to XT natively

    The Actus cameras are limited to 40mm lateral and 27mm approximately vertical. The Arca bellows cameras ( M-two MF - M-two DSLR ) have 70mm lateral and 70mm vertical.
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    Fuji 100s repair update

    The entire process is very straight forward. An email arrives with an estimate. You have two choices - accept or reject. I was going to call and complain but assumed that I would get nowhere. Policy is policy, warranty is warranty etc. Victor B.
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    Looks like tilt is coming to XT natively

    GFX or Sony I have flash sync and double movements which are almost completely yaw free. EFC is as close to vibrationless as possible. I have never had an issue with shutter vibration. I have the option to use my 4150 but without flash. I realize this is not a pancake camera but it is...
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    Looks like tilt is coming to XT natively

    This is the limitation of the XT system as it will only work with a Phase back. I can use my 138 with either my Sony or GFX on an Actus with full flash and macro capability. The price of the 138 for the XT will not be for the faint of heart.... Victor B.
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    Fuji GFX50R + Arca Swiss RM3di Combo

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    Fuji GFX50R + Arca Swiss RM3di Combo

    You are so right Warren..... My brain was thinking backwards.(n) Victor B.
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    Fuji GFX50R + Arca Swiss RM3di Combo

    The 17mm would effectively become a 21mm lens on a 33 X 44 sensor. Remember that the 50R is 4 X 3 format. Victor B.
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    WTB HR Digaron-S 180 mm f/5,6

    The dollar is so strong against all European currencies that I'm tempted to just buy a new Rody 180 even though I have a mint (purchased new) Schneider 180 digitar. What makes me pause is that I can just get by using the Schneider with my Actus short rail. Minimum focus is around 12 feet but I...