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Recent content by Woody Campbell

  1. Woody Campbell

    Photo editing with iPad Pro

    Thanks for the details on your workflow - it's an inspiration. Your starting place is exactly where I am today. The issue for me is LRCC. I shoot primarily with a Leica M10 or Sony A7riii. Mostly landscape and cityscape. Exclusively with primes. I stitch a lot, and fuss with perspective a...
  2. Woody Campbell

    Leica M10-P

    I'm a week into an M10-P and loving it. The ergonomics are perfect for me - my only quibble is that it would be better for me if the front button could be programed as an exposure lock toggle. The improved eye relief is a game changer for me. I had previously sold my Monochrom and the less...
  3. Woody Campbell

    KIPON AF adapters for Contax 645 lens on Sony E/FE mount

    Why would anyone want to do this given the range of native glass available?
  4. Woody Campbell

    7 Artisans 50/1.1

    I bought one for the fun of it. Take your choice of one of the following characterizations: - a lens of unique character that provides highly atmospheric images. - or - - the worst lens I've every had. Outer third of image is blurry even at f16. I've got an uncoated 1938 Zeiss...
  5. Woody Campbell

    A7RII + Cambo Actus

    Very good article - thanks.
  6. Woody Campbell

    A7RII + Cambo Actus

    do the Rodenstock retro focus wides (such as the Digaron-s 23) reach infinity focus?
  7. Woody Campbell


    We live in an amazing time. One key issue will be the extent to which the D850 over-samples native Nikon glass. I would hold off on the champaign until we hear about some experience on this issue.
  8. Woody Campbell

    What's the rationale for the SL after the Sony A9 announcement?

    At least "rationale" appears to have been the correct word.
  9. Woody Campbell

    What's the rationale for the SL after the Sony A9 announcement?

    Not meant to be a hostile question. The issue is where does Leica go from here?
  10. Woody Campbell

    Leica Service

    I pieced together what may be happening at Leica from a few facts and from my own experience helping companies that have experienced massive back office failures. I believe that Leica converted to a new enterprise accounting and logistic support system in early April 2016. These conversions...
  11. Woody Campbell

    Leica Service

    I'm going to add two posts to this thread. The first post, this one, will tie up my loose ends, and the second will give my assessment of what the issues are. To recap (I've researched and refined dates since my first post): On March 17, 2016 I sent the following for service to Leica NJ: a...
  12. Woody Campbell

    Leica Service

    I'm reaching the end of my rope with Leica. I started this thread four months ago. I still haven't heard a word on my 50 mm Sumicron ASP. (other than the email acknowledgment of receipt) a lens that I sent to NJ for service in April. I now have a personal moratorium on buying Leica gear. I...
  13. Woody Campbell

    Leica Service

    Well finally I can chime in with my experience. Late last year I bought a second Monochrom body so that I could carry a two-body/two-lens setup and to have a backup in case there was a service issue with my existing Monochrom. After my new body arrived I sent the old one in to NJ for service...
  14. Woody Campbell

    Comparing the Leica S 007 to other MF alternatives

    A number of folks have commented on Leica service, which I think is a more general issue than just the 007. I've started a thread on Leica service hoping to collect information on the good, the bad and the ugly on this topic. As it develops I'll see that it gets passed along to Leica through...
  15. Woody Campbell

    Leica Service

    I thought that we should have a thread on Leica service. My own experience has been mixed trending to poor recently. There are a number of posts documenting poor service in the thread comparing the 007 to other MF cameras started by glenerrold. I would like to hear from others about their...