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    Hi Yaya, I'm new in this forum. You looks to have deep knowledge of Leaf backs.
    We are developing automated photo-machine with 4 cameras and want to know
    if Leaf backs are capable to provide Live View through PhaseOne SDK /or has Leaf own SDK?/
    Our pre-sales man in Slovakia has no technical knowledge and we have no link
    to support team to ask them technical questions. Thanks a lot. Robert
    Hi Yair,
    i've open a support case about my Aptus II 7 back... N°108810


    i've found out a strange noise in my files at 100%... it doesn't affect all the files of the session, but quite a lot of them !
    I'm a long time leaf user ( Aptus 22, now Aptus II 7 MAM on an Arca RM3D), and i didn't see this kind of image structure before.
    it's like a lot of white spots in darks area.
    The lens used was a rodenstock 28 HR on a RM3D.
    The F stop was around F11, and between 1s to 10s.
    and the room Temp. was correct around 25°C
    i was shooting tethered with C1 pro.
    my back still under warranty, i've bought it new to prophot paris.
    what shall i do ?

    [email protected]
    Hi Yair,
    I may have missed this, but do the new backs show where the focal points are (focus mask)?
    Thanks for the help,
    I'm a relatively new user here at GetDPI. I've noticed you are very knowledgable on all things having to do with Leaf products.
    I own an RZ67 Pro IID and a Leaf Aptus II 7 (33MP) digital back. They are connected with the HX-701.
    I only recently acquired these, so I am new to medium format. I piece mailed them together. The RZ is used. The HX701 is new. The Aptus II 7 is a demo.
    I am writing to you because I wanted to find out the proper/best way to acquire a mask for my focus screen so I can compose with the appropriate crop.
    I would appreciate your input with this. I am also perfectly open to making my only with acetate or whatever you recommend.
    I look forward to your reply!
    PS you can also respond directly via email....
    [email protected]
    Hi Yair,

    I'd like to have some advice from you. I've got an Aptus II 10 and like to know how it'd handle in terms of IQ with RZ' s lenses. I heard from Guillaume (old member of TCP France) it was not so good. Have you seen some pictures made with this set? I need your opinion and advice cause TCP don't get any adapter in stock for me to test.

    Something else; do my aptus would work onto a Leaf AFI HY6 with adapter?

    Thanks Yair for your answer.
    of course I meantnot 6ii but afi7ii.
    however I also guess the 5 might be all I can afford for my purpose
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