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  1. Jorgen Udvang

    OM System 20mm f/1.4

    Here's a lens that I consider. Would be a perfect replacement for my Panasonic 25mm f/1.7. Watch this Chinese review (English subtitles). Rather funny, hardly any tech talk and loads of great photos:
  2. Jorgen Udvang

    Nick Brandt - The day may break

    He's out with a new book. Again it's something really, really different. This one is shot on digital medium format. He commented when I asked him "This had to be digital (medium format) because with the fog constantly shifting every frame, I needed to check to see what it looked like at the end...
  3. Jorgen Udvang

    Two new M.Zuiko lenses

    As if we needed more great lenses for this system... or maybe we do. That 20 mm is tempting. Actually, the zoom is too. Wonder if it takes the 1.4x TC... "Announcing the The Latest M.Zuiko Digital Lens Roadmap We are proud to announce the development of two new lenses that conform to the Micro...
  4. Jorgen Udvang

    Interesting Zuiko 150-400mm review

    He compares it to the Sony 200-600mm on an A9. There are some confusion about numbers in the video (clearly technical data aren't his first priority), but it's corrected with text overlays. This is a lens that I haven't so far considered seriously, but as I'm changing quite a few parameters...
  5. Jorgen Udvang

    Colour vs. black and white

    I hadn't heard this quote before. There's a lot of truth to it. “When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in Black and white, you photograph their souls!” ― Ted Grant
  6. Jorgen Udvang

    My newish E-M5 II

    I'm occasionally doing stop-motion animation for clients, and for the best workflow, the software that "everybody" uses is Dragonframe. With Dragonframe, one shoots tethered, but the on-screen resolution varies a lot between cameras. The best alternatives are the Canon EOS R and RP with a...
  7. Jorgen Udvang

    Danish Siddiqui

    Reuters photographer Danish Siddiqui was killed on assigment in Afghanistan yesterday. Here's a selection of his exceptional photos, mostly from South Asia.
  8. Jorgen Udvang

    Panasonic 50mm f/1.8

    I stumbled over this great review of the new Panasonic 50mm, great not only because it gets a good review, but because the reviewer shows some very nice images, mainly portraits, taken with the lens. On my shopping list together with the S5, 20-60 and 70-300mm.
  9. Jorgen Udvang

    The Zuiko 8-25mm f/4

    That's a really interesting lens. Much slower than the Panasonic 10-25mm of course, but also smaller, and hopefully much cheaper. Could possibly replace my 7-14mm. Actually, it could replace both the 7-14 and the 12-40mm, at least if I finally buy the PL 50-200mm.
  10. Jorgen Udvang

    DXO noise reduction

    This will be also be posted to the Pureraw thread at the Image Processing forum. I had heard many positive things about DXO's noise reduction, so I found that I wanted to try it. The results speak for themselves, but let me say right away: this is amazing. The noise reduction is available in...
  11. Jorgen Udvang

    GH5 Mark II

    Within its niche as a video production hybrid camera, the GH5 must be one of the most successful digital cameras ever. After 4 years, it's as relevant as ever, and in this country, finding a used one is next to impossible. Next week, the GH5 Mk II will be launched, a relatively modest upgrade...
  12. Jorgen Udvang

    The sweetest drone review

    Philip Bloom has made some memorable reviews, but this one, about the DJI Air 2s, is a work of art. Enjoy!
  13. Jorgen Udvang

    Germans like Nikon
  14. Jorgen Udvang

    ACR Enhanced, goodbye to old computers?

    It started last year, when my Mac Pro 4,1 running under High Sierra told me that it couldn't upgrade to the latest, greatest version of Photoshop. I can live with that, since it's basically my "archives" machine, not intended for heavy editing. Today however, I installed ACR 23.3 on the 2017...
  15. Jorgen Udvang


    My next camera. End of 2022 probably, after selling a kidney or three. But seriously, this is what I've been waiting for.
  16. Jorgen Udvang

    Clean install of Mac OS, my experience

    Background: My Late 2014 MBP 15 with all the bells and whistles that were available back then have acted up on me lately, for more than a year actually. Part of it has been physical, so I've had keyboard, trackpad, battery etc. changed (cheap to do in this country). Two issues of problematic...
  17. Jorgen Udvang

    Excellent DaVinci Resolve crash course

    I've been playing with DaVinci Resolve for a (too) loooong time, trying to figure things out own my own. Today, I gave in and spent an hour and a half watching/listening to this guy: He's fast, but he's clear and relatively systematic. Easy to understand. I'll probably go through his video...
  18. Jorgen Udvang

    New Nikon DSLRs in 2021?

    According to the rather reliable Nikon rumour site, there will be two new Nikon DSLR bodies and several new F-mount lenses in 2021. A replacement for the 850 with D780 style AF, better video and more megapixels is a given. But the second one? Df II? D550? I have for a long time tried to plan...
  19. Jorgen Udvang

    Apple M1, a revolution in the making?

    The new Apple processing architecture is possibly the biggest upgrade for personal computing since..... xx86? It's not a minute too early. Many modern entry level computers struggle with the increasingly advanced online applications, and with the terrifying volumes of data that will be allowed...
  20. Jorgen Udvang

    Panasonic 85mm f/1.8

    This seems to be a great little lens. S5 with the 20-60 and the 85mm would be an excellent travel kit.