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    iq4 150 with technical camera (alpa) - can't find zero latency in back!!!!!!

    Am I the only person that cant seem to find where the zero latency function is in the back? I have looked through every menu and the manual as well. How do I put the back in zero latency mode so I can use my alpa with it?
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    WTB: Alpa Film Back (s) Linhof or RB67

    Looking for Alpa film backs. Either the older alpa branded ones or the newer Linhof ones. Prefer the linhof 6x7 or 6x9 but interested in any alpa specific film backs. Let me know what you have!
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    WTB : Alpa 90 HR and 50 HR alpagon in coral shutter. And some tilt adapters

    Looking for a 90 HR and a 50 HR. also looking for tilt adapters if anyone has any.
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    WTT: Phase One 35mm Blue Ring for Phase One 45mm Blue Ring

    Looking to trade an Excellent condition low shot count 35mm Blue Ring for your 45mm Blue Ring. 35mm is worth more and more sought after, but depending on condition I'm sure we can work something out. Located in Los Angeles, face to face would be nice but willing to ship.
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    Leica S 007 70mm CS and 120mm CS all CRAZY CHEAP - trading in if no one buys

    I am giving this S gear away at these prices basically. They will be traded in at basically the same price on Monday / tuesday of next week. Just wanted to give someone a chance to get S gear at stupid low pricing. Prices are firm. S 007 - $5000 - comes with box and papers - charger and one...
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    Wacom Cintiq Pro 16" High Definition touch screen drawing tablet with case

    Price - $1100 + actual shipping cost Selling a like new Wacom Cintiq Pro 16" tablet. In excellent condition. Kept in a clean environment and used very lightly. My wife loved it so much we upgraded her to the 24". Comes with the Wacom authentic carrying case which is nice. Selling for...
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    Leica Elmarit-S 45mm f2.8 ASPH CS Lens for Leica S with Central Shutter MINT

    Selling my Leica 45mm CS lens. This lens is phenominal and sadly just isnt the right focal length to go along with my other lenses. This is one of the newest S lenses to come out and is very hard to find used and even more so with CS. These are 8k+ tax brand new. Selling for $5200...
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    Leica S Lens Focus Motor Issue - does it affect manual focus?

    I just recently purchased a Leica S 120mm CS lens used. And it arrived with the focus motor not working. When it was sold to me they didn't say this was an issue, however the lens was packed pretty badly and the hood has a crack on it (also not noted). The lens was a good deal. But I...
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    Just bought an Imacon flextight precision ii - What else do I need?

    I just bought a Imacon Precision ii. Doesn't have any cables other than an AC adapter. I would like to use it with my 2010 mac pro. Has anyone used the scsi to usb2.0 cables? Do they work? What else do I need? This is my first scanner. I've been getting my film scanned with a lab, and...
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    Difference between Imacon Flextight and Imacon Flextight Precision ii

    Hello, Can't seem to google the difference between these two scanners. - Imacon Flextight & Imacon Flextight Precision ii Which is newer, is there any difference in quality?
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    Minolta Multi Pro Scanner Questions

    Hey, Looking at purchasing a Minolta multi pro for my 120 scans. Are the film slides from the multi non pro useable with the pro scanner? If anyone has a multi pro they want to sell, I'd be very interested in purchasing!
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    WTB hasselblad 110 f/2 FE & 50mm f/2.8 FE

    Looking for a good condition 110 F/2 FE and a good condition 50mm f/2.8 FE. They need to be FE so I can use them with my 200 series cameras. Let me know if you have one that you are interested in selling.
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    WTB hasselblad HC 100 f2.2 and 50mm HC ii

    As the title says, looking for a decently low shutter count 100 f2.2 and a 50mm HC ii (ONLY LOOKING FOR THE II) Please let me know if you have any for sale and I'd like to work something out.
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    Profoto Air TTL-N remote HSS with Leica S

    I'm getting sick of the slow sync speed on my Leica S 006. And since I opted for contax lenses over the Leica CS lenses (for character and budget reasons), I am stuck at 1/125 sync speed which is quite awful. Does anyone know if I were to purchase an Air TTL-N remote that apparently syncs at...
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    Leica S2 & S2-P 006 Multifunction Battery HandGrip 16003 Like New

    I have a Leica S2 multifunction handgrip in mint condition. Purchased this for my 006. Tried it on and definitely just wasn't for me. Grip works perfectly fine on my 006 (can't speak for 007). Comes with box and all papers. Selling for 400 shipped.
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    Leica M Mount Voigtlander 21mm 1.8 Ultron - better than the Leica 21mm

    Yea I said it, this is better than the Leica 21mm 1.4 I owned both and this outperforms the Leica. I am selling this for dirt cheap to get it sold. Glass is perfect. Some small paint rub on the outside (look at photos). This seems to be a normal thing for voigtlander lenses. Never been...
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    Heliopan 60mm Variable ND Filter - $180 shipped - MSRP $323

    I am selling an excellent condition 60mm Heliopan Variable Neutral Density Filter. These are always out of stock and sell for $323 at BH. I am selling ofr only $180 shipped NET. I used this on my Leica noctilux so I could shoot during daylight and in studio with strobes at 0.95 If you don't...
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    Really Right Stuff RRS Panning Clamp - $130 shipped - MSRP $235

    Need this thing gone. I will sell for 130 shipped NET. These are $235 new, so this is a great deal.
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    WTB Briese Focus and Flash heads

    Looking for some Briese Focus Umbrellas and some flash heads (hopefully modified to Profoto) I know this is probably a long shot, but am very interested in anyone has some Briese stuff!
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    LNIB / NIB Contax 645 80mm f2 Film Backs Film Inserts Waistlevel / LCD Viewfinder

    I have a WHOLE BUNCH of Contax 645 stuff for sale. Will sell everything for $5400 NET if someone wants it all. Prices separated out - Prices negotiable on most items. Contax 645 Body + Prism + Back + Insert - $2,300. This body is literally in 9.9/10 condition which basically doesn't...