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    WTB Phase One XF

    Hi I am looking for an XF body If you have one for sale please give me a shout thanks
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    Mamiya Sekor AF 28mm f/4.5 D Aspherical lens

    Mamiya Sekor AF 28mm f/4.5 D Aspherical lens No scratches or damage to glass - in great condition. $1200 USD. Free shipping to Canada & US - Lens is in Toronto Canada specs: Mamiya 28mm F/4.5 AF Specs Focal Length 28mm Maximum Aperture f/4.5 Minimum Aperture f/32 Lens Mount Mamiya 645 Angle...
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    How does the IQ3 50 cope in the studio?

    I almost exclusively do landscape work with my IQ3 50, on a tech cam and I am reasonably happy with it. But I am looking at some possible studio work and I just wondered if anyone has used the 350 for portraits/fashion? I would be tethered to Capture one and I will most likely have to struggle...
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    What's the latest IQ3 firmware?

    I am a bit confused. my IQ3 50 currently has a fw installed of 5.10.1 (Feb 6 2019) system: 4.02.7 The P1 firmware updater tool says the latest is 5.01.10 and is available to update to (but isnt that a downgrade?) The P1 website lists the latest as Feature Update #8 : this file gives me...
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    WTB: Center Filter for SK 35mm Digitar XL

    I'm looking for a Center Filter for my SK 35mm Digitar XL please msg me if you have one you're looking to sell thanks
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    Focus stacking or hyperfocal in landscapes with tech cam

    Hi I have a general query for those using a tech cam, without TS lenses, for landscape focusing I have a WRS and a 35 XL on an IQ350 back, and I am curious what approaches other people take when composting their scenes for maximum acceptable sharpness When you want both close and infinity objs...
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    How do you pack your tech cam when outdoors?

    I'm trying to get out and about a bit more with my WRS and I am wondering what people do about transporting to/from your shooting spot I only have one lens (the 35XL) do you leave everything connected in your bag? The Lens and DB I mean? or do you transport everything separately and connect...
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    Which center filter do I need?

    I have a cambo 35mm digitar for my IQ350 and wondered if I should get a center filter for it (if I can find one) I am able to balance out the vignetting somewhat with LCC in C1 but am thinking if I should try and reduce the stress on the blacks, especially when shifting so if I need one and...
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    can you turn off the back up nag dialog in Capture One?

    I have my own backup routine scheduled (staging to disk, then to LTO tape) so I dont want to be nagged by C1 everytime I use the app is there a way to turn it off?
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    I'm cheap

    After I've spent all my pennies on my new (to me) techcam setup, there were a couple of things I was missing from my kit: 1) an LCC card 2) a wake up cable for my IQ350 I had a look online and I see the official P1 LCC solution is $140cad ($110 usd) The wake up cables (because of course you...
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    what tool for stitching shift images?

    What are people using to stitch their shots together? Photoshop or some dedicated tool? I am just starting out with my tech cam shifts and wondered if there is something better than photoshops auto stitcher?
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    Question about LCC frames and shifts

    I'm new to tech cams, do I need to take a matching LCC frame for each shift position?
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    the agony

    So after months (if not years) of lusting after a technical camera, and slowly saving up to buy bits here and there, I am finally the proud owner of a basic tech cam setup: IQ350 SK35 xl Cambo Wrs the final bit arrived this morning (the lens) and..... we have a 'stay at home' order in effect...
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    Phase One SDK

    I'm curious if any developers have tried the SDK to control their IQ backs? I am wanting a way to manage my IQ350 via an android device and as none exist I would have to write my own solution I see P1 do offer an SDK to the backs, but ye gods, it's almost $3000 a year for access! As I am not a...
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    cleaning / servicing copal SK lenses

    I have bought a used cambo (SK digitar) lens, which is being shipped to me, and I am wondering what options I have for cleaning/servicing should it need it in the future, i.e. for internal dust or lubricating the copal mechanism? with Copal not making the shutters anymore, I assume there are...
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    WTB: Cambo mount lens for WRS

    I am looking for a wide angle lens to go with my WRS and IQ3 back. I am hoping to strike a balance between price and performance (as 3 young kids have wiped me out over Christmas ;) ) let me know if you have something suitable to sell thanks Simon
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    lens options for Cambo and non ES back

    I am hopefully about to dip my toes into tech cams with a WRS to go with my IQ350 and I am wondering what lens options I have As P1 didnt enable the ES on the 350 (shakes fist and re-affirms never to buy Phase One again) I am needing to have a shutter mechanism to trigger my back I would...
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    FS: Phase One IQ3 50 plus DF+ body & lenses

    I'm selling my IQ3 50 in excellent condition. Comes complete with Phase One Pelican case, two batteries, charger and the following: DF+ body in excellent condition Phase One SK 80mm LS lens Mamyia AF 150mm 3.5 lens Mamiya Sekor D Aspherical AF 28mm 4.5 lens 1 Li-Ion battery charger (no Li-ion...
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    Is there much difference between a WDS and a WRS?

    If I were to pair a WDS with my IQ3 would I be at any disadvantage than if I were to go for a WRS 1200 for example? I am solely interested in Landscape and using a 35mm or similar lens. Apart from the dial positions being different between the two, are there any other discernable differences?
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    WTB: Cambo WRS (or wds) technical camera

    I'm looking for a cambo technical camera for my IQ3 50 Please let me know if you have one available Thanks