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    FS (EU): Cambo X2-PRO View Camera system €650

    Cambo X2-PRO view camera system, minor cosmetic signs of use, perfect working condition. Provides ultra-fine control of technical camera front standard movements such as rise, fall, swing, tilt and shift for Canon (or other camera such as Sony A7-series mirrorless, Nikon DSLR etc via standard...
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    How to compare lens formats for panorama stitching?

    Mounting a fullframe mirrorless camera on a shift adapter opens up the possibility to do panorama stitching with an insane range of lenses - large format, 6x7, 645... normal, wide angle, telephoto...perhaps too many o_O No doubt the best way to see the differences if time and money permits is...
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    FS (EU): Phase One 645DF EXC++ LNIB €400

    FS: Phase One 645DF EXC++ Price: $580/€480.00 €400 plus shipping Item condition: 9+ Shows little or no signs of wear Shipment from: Denmark Shipping (worldwide) available/buyer pays - overall condition is like new, working and cosmetic - all functions operate correctly - viewing system and...
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    Cola power

    i was just about to write (another) desperate "what to do" post to plea for advice about how to remove a lens with a copal o shutter stuck to a lens board that I had not touched for about a decade, after throwing almost a full can of wd-40 at the problem, as well as a few days wondering how to...
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    Old vs new LF lenses for digital imaging?

    Pardon for asking such a dumb question but would like to know more about the viability or otherwise of using legacy large format lenses designed for film compared to modern lenses, for digital imaging? Resolution? Lens curvature? Chromatic abberation... is the difference like night and day or...
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    FS: Fotodiox Pro P67-EOS TLT ROKR Tilt/Shift adapter €150

    Fotodiox Pro P67-EOS Tilt/Shift lens mount adapter LNIB €150 plus postage I also have for sale a P67-M645 lens mount adapter.
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    Battery shaving

    I have come across several oblique references to a perhaps lost tribal art known as "battery shaving" that was apprently used in ancient times (about a decade ago) in order to fit cheaper non-OEM batteries into expensive MF digital backs and cameras, but when I google "battery shaving" all I get...
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    Best way to uprez old clips?

    I have a bunch of old clips with a resolution of 640x480 and frame rate of 7.96 that I want to uprez 300% to 1980 x 1080 HD for a short video project. So far I have tried to import the clips into Premiere Pro then "replace" them with files up-rezed in After Effects with the "detail preserving...
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    FS: Hy6 body - defective/for parts only - USD$200/ €170

    Up for sale is a Hy6 camera body that doesn't work but on the outside appears to be complete. Hence condition is "as is"/"for parts or not working" with no returns. Caveat Emptor. My asking price is just USD$250/¢170 plus shipping, since my main aim is to clear up space in my dry cabinet...
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    Tripod head for panorama stitching

    If a tripod has a classic 3-way tilt and pan head (eg Manfrotto 141RC) or a good ball head, is it necessary to obtain a panoramic head with its own separate tilt and pan mechanisms in order to create a level sequence of images for panorama stitiching - or can exactly the same result be achieved...
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    FS: Pilotfly H1+ Handheld gimbal stabilizer

    Pilotfly H1+ Gimbal Stabilizer USED, Great for A7s2, GH5 etc. Selling my complete Pilotfly H1+ kit with gimbal, power supply, extra 2200mAH external li-po battery and charger, shoulder strap and original Pilotfly case. Read more here...
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    WTB: Mamiya/P1 DF battery holder

    Please let me know your price including postage to Denmark if you have for sale a preloved or ex-demo 6xAA internal or external battery holder or V-grip for PhaseOne DF camera body. Or a legacy SWIT S7200c, Canon CH910 or similar battery holder (for Canon BP 900-series batteries) or some other...
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    Positive feedback for Felix5616

    I warmly recommend Felix5616 who kindly responded to my WTB post with a very reasonable offer for the exact MF lens adapter I was after then shipped it to me from USA to Europe quickly in a well-wrapped package. I was happy when the package arrived with no problems to find it was not only in...
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    IR filters on modern mirrorless cameras?

    Given the developments in IR cut filter technology and mirrorless cameras that leak IR light less and leave less to chance than earlier filter and camera combos did, is it still worthwhile investing in a filter like the Hoya R72 to experiment with IR photography on a modern mirrorless camera...
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    Hartblei Hcam B1 or not to be

    Due to fortuitous alignment of planets I have been granted an opportunity to explore a quirky Hartblei Hcam B1 system - but cannot find instructions about how to use it, so would be happy to hear from anyone who can point me in the right direction. So far I have managed to mount a lens and can...
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    moved post

    Moved to ‘Medium format cameras and digital backs’
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    WTB: Hy6 body

    I am looking to buy a Hy6 body in good working condition (cosmetic condition not important and no need for film back, caps, WLF etc.) for $700/€650 or thereabouts plus shipping. Please let me know if you have one for sale.
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    WTB: Sinarback eMotion focus mask for Hy6

    I would be happy to hear from you if you have a reasonable-priced Sinarback eMotion focus mask for Hy6 in any condition for sale. Happy New Year!
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    FS: Wi AudioStream Pro AV 2.4GHZ wireless lavalier system $100

    Literally pocketable and barely used Wi AudioStream Pro AV 2.4GHz pocket portable stereo digital wireless lavalier system for DSLR, video, ENG, Smart devices & stage use. I bought this to use with my Sony A7RII for a video project that ended up not requiring wireless audio recording. It has...
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    FS: Kirk Multi- Purpose Window Mount for Ball-head $120

    Tough pro-quality Kirk multi-purpose window mount for ball-head, condition is used but very clean apart from some cosmetic scratches (see photograph). This is an awesome tool. I bought it to photograph wildlife but my plans for the trip changed so didn't use it. If you are in the USA I can...