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  1. iiiNelson

    Leitz joins L-Mount Alliance

    ERNST LEITZ WETZLAR GMBH JOINS THE L-MOUNT ALLIANCE OCTOBER 14, 2021 Ernst Leitz Wetzlar GmbH is the first company to join the L-Mount Alliance since the public announcement of the standard at photokina 2018. Consisting of founding members Leica Camera AG, SIGMA, and Panasonic, the goal of the...
  2. iiiNelson

    Panasonic Lumix S1R Review

    Did a long term review of my usage with the S1R after some time.
  3. iiiNelson

    Kinefinity Mavo Edge 8K

    I’ve been watching this company grow and mature for the last couple of years or so. They announced this camera last year but due to the pandemic and global supply issues, it was delayed a few times. In any case, they’re beginning to ship bodies this month and IMO this brand has the nicest video...
  4. iiiNelson

    Lumix S1 Series Firmware Upgrade Program

    Probably an announcement that went completely under the radar due to the announcement of a new camera and lenses. Kinda light on details other than all cameras will receive the AF upgrades...
  5. iiiNelson

    Panasonic Enhanced DFD (eDFD) with Time of Flight (ToF)

    Title is a bit misleading (and perhaps has a little clickbait mixed in) but I wanted to start the thread because it’s related. Time of Flight has been rumored to come to Panasonic cameras (based on internal white papers and testing) eventually in order to enhance the autofocus in continuous...
  6. iiiNelson

    Sigma 85/1/4 DG DN Art

    Sigma announced a new mirrorless design 85/1/4 Art lens today for both the Leica L and Sony E mounts that should be available worldwide on August 27th. It's much smaller in size and diameter than the DSLR variant and offers a few useful features like a de-click switch, a progragrammable function...
  7. iiiNelson

    The S1H Thread

    Well because I didn’t see that anyone started one but it’s something I’ve been mulling over personally as I’m pretty interested in the camera personally for a variety of reasons. ProRES RAW support was delayed a bit but there are still other capable features of the camera. Here’s some updated...
  8. iiiNelson

    Sigma fp Firmware 2.0

    Sigma released their updated firmware and it’s pretty huge. There are a host of fixes and corrections but the biggest thing is the announcement of RAW video in three of the main forms from the same camera (So pretty much it is only missing ARRI RAW and R3D CODE RAW from the most common types of...
  9. iiiNelson

    Updated Panasonic Lens Roadmap

    Looks like the 100/2.8 macro is on hold and a few new lenses were placed on it. Notably missing is a 35/1.8 lens (which I wouldn’t be surprise if it were comparable to the Leica 35/2 APO-Cron in performance for most) but there’s more to come I suspect. I’m not so sure they will push to have the...
  10. iiiNelson

    EOS R5 Announcement

    Looks like Canon is prepared to step up in a huge way...
  11. iiiNelson

    Sigma 28/1.2

    Looks like one of the next lenses may be a 28/1.2 to go along with the rumored 50/1.2.
  12. iiiNelson

    Future Nikon Service

    Saw this on DPReview and thought I’d pass it along.
  13. iiiNelson

    A9 II Announced

    Outside the hardware changes this seems like an unnecessary upgrade for most. There'sa new imaging processor, updated WiFi and Ethernet modules, the updated body features from the A7RIV, dual SDXC UHS2 slots, updated color profile to match the A7RIV, and a new mechanical shutter that allows...
  14. iiiNelson

    Samy’s Lumix S Sale

    If you’re in California Samy’s is running an unbelievable sale in store only where you can get a S1R kit with the 24-105 for $2600 and the S1 kit with VLOG for $2200 with the 24-105. I tried to see if I could get in on the action but the manager said no. Oh well. I’m expecting a more drastic...
  15. iiiNelson

    Sony FX9

    I know there aren’t many video people here but this is one of the most exciting announcements since the A9 and A7III IMO. The TL;DR is FF sensor, Alpha Mirrorless derived autofocus with 94% coverage, 16-bit RAW output, minimum of 10-bit color in all codecs, variable ND built-in, Dual XQD and SD...
  16. iiiNelson

    Panasonic LUMIX S Discounts

    Looks like B&H is discounting both cameras between $300-700 dollars. I’m curious to see if this cut becomes permanent. I certainly hope so because then they’d be price more in line with what I expected them to go for.
  17. iiiNelson

    New Sigma Lenses Announced

    New Sigma lenses were announced and designed for Mirrorless from the ground up (finally). Looks like a few good ones. Coming to E-Mount and L-Mount for now.
  18. iiiNelson

    Sigma FP Development Announcement

    Interesting camera and Sigma is introducing some camera product diversity amongst the L-Mount offerings. Camera will be available in the Fall and it looks like it’ll compete directly with the Canon RP, rumored Z5, and the older Sony models. Highlights include an all electronic shutter without...
  19. iiiNelson

    35/1.8 Announced

    For those that have been desiring one on their Sony system. Looks like a good alternative on paper.
  20. iiiNelson

    The MacOS v. Windows 10 Conundrum

    So... I’m in a bit of a conundrum in flirting with the idea of possibly doing a PC build based on the AMD Ryzen Generation 3 processors this fall. Obviously, this will require a return to Windows (which I don’t love in any sense) but am familiar with since I use it at the day job. The obvious...