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    Zeiss Loxia Distagon 2.4/25mm

    If you read through the raving reviews online … they are true. I have yet to make decent photos, just took some handheld captures out of the window. But even from these crappy shots it’s clear that the lens is very, very strong. It is damn sharp wide open and the edges/corners are more than just...
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    Loxia (Planar) 2.0/50 vs. ZM Planar 2.0/50 on A7R

    Here's a brief comparison of the Loxia (Planar) 2.0/50 vs. the ZM Planar 2.0/50 on an A7R. My impressions…: - both lenses show (almost exactly) the same distortion - both lenses show (almost exactly) the same light falloff - both lenses show a very, very similar look - the Loxia’s resolution...
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    Loxia 2.0/35 vs. FE Sonnar 2.8/35

    Though there are already threads about the Loxia 35 this is mostly about the comparison of the Loxia 2.0/35 to the FE Sonnar 2.8/35. So I thought I open a new thread… Actually I do like the FE Sonnar 2.8/35 IQ-wise. But I don’t really like handling it manually at all. I am also finding the...
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    Sony/Zeiss 2.0/24 ZA SSM Distagon T* on A7R

    Apparently there are no really good fully manual wides for the A7R. So I've just aquired a ZA Distagon 2.0/24 and a Sony LA-EA3 adapter. Now... the lens is incredibly sharp also at the edges when stopped down (exactly what I was lokking for). It even shows moiré at the edges at f5.6 and f8 - so...
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    Anyone alread used Contax 645 lenses on Sony A7R?

    The title says it all - has anyone already tested Contax 645 lenses on the A7R through a Conurus converted NAM-1 Adapter & Metabones Smart for Canon EF? I know that those pretty large lenses are not the perfect fit for a small camera like the A7R :-) ... however I'd be interested in the results...
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    Capture One 5.2.1 - LCC

    Hi, just saw there's a new C1 version. I reverted from 5.2 to 5.1.2 as the LCC analysis was really slow (due to the analysis of dust spots). It takes 4 seconds or so for my P45 files on 5.1.2 and 20 seconds on 5.2. Is the LCC analysis faster in the new 5.2.1 release? (Don't want to install and...
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    47XL vs. 43XL

    Hi. Here's a brief comparison of the 47XL vs. the new 43XL… for everyone, who is interested. Sorry for the strange and boring images but that was in the front yard of Cambo and this is simply how it looks like in that quarter… - both shots at f11 on P45 with 20mm lateral shift - the 47XL with...
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    WRS Tuning

    Maybe this is of interest for those who use the WRS since it came out as Cambo modified some details since then. This is about the groundglas resp. the groundglas frame. It's not a brand new feature, actually it has been there since a year or so, but I haven't seen any reports on this here on...
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    APO-Digitar 5,6/60 | 120mm IC

    Not sure it has been mentioned before... Schneider just introduced a new APO-Digitar 5,6/60 with 120mm image circle. google translation: The APO-Digitar is a new design with a focal length of 60 mm. It was designed for studio photographers who need a standard lens with normal color perception...
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    Capture One 5.2

    ... is out. It now features LCC based spot removal... which might be another reason to take the white reference shots in the actual scene (and not to use stored LCC files). The really great news is for DLSR and Leica M8 / M9 photographers... as LCC is now available for "a large number" of...
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    ALPA Lens Corrector supports over 90 3rd party lenses

    ... including Zeiss for Hassy, Contax and 135 format, Hassy HC and Leica M. The new lens profiles will be released at Photokina. Still for free! This is absolutely awesome!!! There is also a poll on further lenses to be supported (DSLRs + others)...
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    Got my Apo Sironar Digital 70/5.6 (aka Digaron-W 70) for a week now. It is mounted in a T/S lens panel (Cambo). My first thought was… big and heavy. Then again… who cares :) I am still learning the lens… so my conclusions so far and my short report are most likely not final. I've ordered the...
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    Sharpening of RAW files in conjunction with uprezzing

    Regularly the question comes up whether it's better to apply sharpening of an image in the RAW software or to do all the sharpening on the finished images. Of course, if you leave the finished file at the native pixel size there's now drawback in sharpening at the RAW stage. But if there is any...
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    Noise level at base ISO pushed vs. higher ISO

    I'm confused… but that's not necessarily a bad thing here :-) I always thought an increase in ISO results in the same noise level as an underexposed capture pushed by the respective value. So ISO50 underexposed by one stop and pushed in post by 1 EV is literally the same as shooting at ISO100...
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    Induro Carbon 8x CT series

    Induro improved its "C" series, now called "CT". Or maybe not a revision … rather an addition as the C series is still available. I've just got the CT414. I am used to use wood tripods and first I thought: what, this hollow, light piece of gear will carry my camera and provide shake free...
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    Cambo TS Lens Panel is out
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    Capture One 5.0 Color Editor

    Anyone here using the Color Editor in C1 to increase saturation of camera profiles to access certain printable colors? I have a serious issue with the newly introduced "smart saturation" in the Color Editor. In V4 (and V3) when you increase the global saturation in the Color Editor the entire...
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    lens factor with movements ?

    Can someone help me to do the math on the following: When I use a 47mm lens and extend the film format (49,1x36,8mm) by movements to the max of 89,1mm x 66,8mm (cropped to 3x4 image format)... what is the resulting equivalent "focal length", i.e. the "lens factor"? Thanks in advance!