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    WTB: Cambo WDS 4x5 back

    I have a few spares of the rotating 4x5 back for the Cambo Wide DS and can let one go. The 4x5 back allows use of either 4x5 inch sheet film or 120 roll-film holders, such as 6x12cm. The Wide DS 4x5 must be the most compact, robust and precise 4x5 system in existence. The single rigid...
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    FS: Schneider Apo Digitar 5,6/100 mm, focusing mount , for Phase one, Hasselblad, Fuji GFX100S, Sony a7rIV, Nikon Z...

    As mentioned by Alkibiades, I recently bought one of his unused APO-DIGITAR 5.6/100 N-53° MC lenses. The sale process went very smoothly. I own an Arca-Swiss rm3di, so Alkibiades kindly sent it directly to Arca-Swiss in Besançon, France for fitting and calibration onto an R-mount. I contacted...
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    FS: Schneider Super Angulon 5.6/58 XL + Center Filter Schneider IIIb Multicoating

    Well, my PM to you failed. I wanted to point out that there is an eBay auction for a Schneider center filter IVa in Australia finishing in less than 24 hours. I have no relationship with the seller.
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    Hi Andy, I saw that you're after a center filter IVa for the Super-Angulon XL 90mm. There is...

    Hi Andy, I saw that you're after a center filter IVa for the Super-Angulon XL 90mm. There is one in Australia on an eBay auction ending in less than 24 hours. I only know the fellow from Facebook, have never met him, but he seems very decent. Regards, Rod
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    GFX 50R on Cambo WRS Bodies

    Nick, Arca-Swiss makes an adapter plate that mounts the GFX 50R onto the rear of the Rm3di body. Then you can use the Pentax 645 mount you showed in the pics on the front. The Pentax 645 35mm and last generation Pentax 67 55mm are both sharp and provide plenty of image circle for shifts...
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    GFX 50R on Cambo WRS Bodies

    Hi Nick, To send someone a Direct Message, click on their name and then, in the panel that appears, click on "Start conversation". You then get a new panel to type into. That Techno might be just the right thing for you. Best wishes, Rod
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    FOUND: Schneider M 52 II Center Filter for Apo Digitar 5.6/ 47 XL

    It appears that Linhof Studio has just recently sold the very last one at BP395.00, which is about USD545. I suggest you contact Paula to confirm that status.
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    FS: Arca Swiss Rm3di - PRICE REDUCED TO SELL

    My purchase of the Schneider 35XL from jettad has completed very well. The lens arrived yesterday in excellent condition, It was beautifully packaged within plenty of soft cushioning materials. Moreover, jettad kindly discounted the price without me having to ask when we avoided PayPal's 5%...
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    FS: Arca Swiss Rm3di - PRICE REDUCED TO SELL

    Hello David, Thank you for the individual prices. I will buy your 35XL, please. I have sent you a PM, Rod
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    Wednesday Webinar with PhaseOne - Exploring your vision amid digital overload

    Hi Andrew, I caught the webinar in its repeat time-slot, which at 9am AEST was a much better time for Australians. I enjoyed hearing your reflections on why you came to architectural photography, your approach to interpreting buildings, and the stories behind some of your images. Excellent...
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    WTB: Mamiya 7 150mm lens

    Private Message sent.
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    WTB: Cambo Wide 4x5 470 / 580

    Email sent
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    Phase One IQ2 60

    Hello nhn, I have sent you a PM. Rod
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    FS: IQ-Trichromatic and Cambo WRS Kit

    Hi Frank, I attempted to send you a PM yesterday and today, but the website keeps unlogging me. Please email me direct at georod25 at hotmail dot com (no spaces). Thanks, Rod
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    WTB: Schneider Apo Tele Xenar 11/350mm // Nikkor-T 360mm

    Hi anyone, I have sent you a PM.