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    Is anyone else using the Fotodiox lens adaptor that provides aperture stops?

    Hello Ed, I also used these adapters during the transition period from P645 to M645. If you want to make it easy, you can just use the light meter of your camera. E.g. - if it jumps by one aperture you can calculate it very fast, starting from the open aperture. Greetings Gerd
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    Electronic shutter in combination with image stabilisation

    However, he used the ES. And the anomaly clearly looks like a rolling shutter. The subject didn't move, of course, but the camera in the hand did. However, the IBIS was turned on and configured correctly. I am not sure how the rolling shutter effect came about here. Maybe the IBIS is no...
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    Phase One IQ4 Remote Launches via Cascable

    I used an IPAD Pro M1, 12.9", Gen. 5, 1TB, 16 GB RAM for testing. I found the LiveView to be soft as well. What also bothers me a bit is that you can't zoom in on the transferred image above 100% (I'm not quite sure if it's really 100%). You can push it larger via this point, but when you...
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    Phase One IQ4 Remote Launches via Cascable

    Hello Greg, hello Viktor, it is possible - but it is not intended that way. Scenario: Connect IQ4 150 with an Ethernet cable directly to the IPAD via a USB to Ethernet adapter. IQ4 and the IPAD behave RFC 3927 compliant. This means if no fixed Ethernet address is assigned (IQ4 cannot do this)...
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    Phase One IQ4 Remote Launches via Cascable

    I don't know of a corresponding service here, but I'll take a look around. You are using IQ4 over 2.4 GHz in access point mode? In which country are you located, I would like to check if you are using the same channels. I do that. Mostly via Ethernet, because the solution is more flexible...
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    Phase One IQ4 Remote Launches via Cascable

    I would appreciate if someone could give me information on how Cascable behaves in LiveView with IQ4 via WLAN. The reason I ask is, I can't test it currently because my IOS devices only go up to 12.x (they are older devices). The current IQ4 WLAN "Access Point Mode" connection is limited to 2.4...
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    Reasons for MF in 2021

    For me personally, an objective reason is the 4: 3 format. The 3: 2 format can only be used well for me in a few cases. Otherwise, I use the equipment that, in my opinion, is most suitable for solving my task and that fits my workflow. But you could just as well ask the question - "why is...
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    Mamiya AFD lenses to GFX?

    I have not seen such an adapter. There is only the E-mount adapter mentioned above. But apart from the possibility of using a double adapter, the E-mount is pretty much the most unsuitable I can think of because of its diameter. And it is questionable if with two electronic adapters - in a...
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    Questions for Cambo Actus owners

    The Pentax DF-A 645 25mm is unfortunately completely useless outside of 44x33 (and it wasn't particularly good at the edge). I tried the exact combination with IQ3 100 Tr. Years ago. I immediately discarded it. Greetings Gerd
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    Mamiya AFD lenses to GFX?

    There are electronical Mamiya / SK 645 adapters for Sony. Link CLICK: It can do exactly what we need. I wrote to Kipon about 6 months ago and told you that such an adapter would make sense for a GFX 100. Because there are many Phase One owners who also have a GFX or have switched. Of course I...
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    Fun with the Hasselblad 907x

    Hello Dierk, nice to see you here... Greetings Gerd
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    Contax 80 vs the rest?

    N stands for New Version. The N version has a better coating. Greeting Gerd
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    Techart GFX-EF Adapter Image Stabilizer of GFX100s - Problems.

    I can confirm the problem. I bought the Techart adapter at the time of the GFX 50s, when I bought the GFX100 then suddenly the IBIS in connection with the Techart adapter made problems. I ordered the Kipon adapter and it immediately worked without error in conjunction with IBIS and all my TS-E...
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    Anyone use Canon Tilt-Shift lenses on the IQ3 100?

    Hello Uwe, I think the mentioned image circle on the TS-E 17mm is not correct. Since I own TS-E 17mm and TS-E 24mm LII and use them on the IQ4 150, I can say that the shading of both lenses is roughly the same, from my point of view. The 17mm has a very slightly higher shadow, but in no case as...
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    small coffee cup 2

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    small coffee cup 1

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    SOLD: Rodenstock 40HR in Copal 0 in brand new Cambo T/S mount.

    Hello Peter, I have written you an e-mail... Greeting Gerd
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    Anyone use Canon Tilt-Shift lenses on the IQ3 100?

    I can make you a picture in the combination. However, due to the size, I would have to send it to you as a wetransfer or something similar. Greetings Gerd
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    Anyone use Canon Tilt-Shift lenses on the IQ3 100?

    I have TS-E 17mm, 24mm L2, 50mm and 135mm and use 90% of them on the GFX 100. I use 17mm and 24mm every now and then on a Cambo 1200 with IQ4150. My 17mm is a little better off-center than my 24mm L2. The problem with the 17mm is the spherical front lens in terms of filters. I have to use a Lee...