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  1. J

    New to MF digital with 100mp camera - benefits of big/heavy tripod, given electronic shutter?

    I've recently moved over to digital medium format with a Fuji GFX100S. Really delighted to date with the results, even compared to my 5x4 film camera. My question is to do with tripods ....I historically used my 5x4 film camera on a Gitzo Systematic G1348. I sold that Systematic tripod for a...
  2. J

    Arca Universalis

    My questions probably morph over the LF camera / MF / etc forums, but i will try here given it potentially seems the most appropriate as a more modern piece of kit. I am interested in the Arca Universalis due to its apparently high flexibility as a precision camera body that is suitable for...
  3. J

    Alpa as an analogue set-up

    Former 5x4 user here, wanting to get back into using a camera with (a) movements, mainly front rise, and (b) with film. An obvious choice is simply to go back into LF film, but the Alpa STC and dedicated Alpa roll film back attracts me hugely due to its smaller size for travelling, use of 120...
  4. J

    5x4 - wood (Ebony) vs metal (Linhof MT)

    I am toying with the idea of going back into LF. I used to own an Ebony RSW45 & 110 Super Symmar XL, but sold it a while back when Quickloads disappeared. I've played with the Linhof MT in a shop, and was surprised just how much more solid it felt compared to a wooden camera - eg, no wobble at...
  5. J

    WTB: Alpa / Linhof 6x7 rollfilm back

    Please PM me if you are considering selling an ALPA / Linhof rollfilm back (the 6x7 (56 x 72 mm) version). Many thanks
  6. J

    Dipping a toe into MFD - what to expect?

    I recently road tested the Leica S007, the first time I've examined a MFD camera, and was astounded at its image quality (3D look, buttery smooth tonal transitions, almost filmic rendering), and saw large differences in rendering vs. my Leica M. It was reminiscent of the differences I see...
  7. J

    Tech Cam - but with 120 film back to start with?

    Hi, I am a keen amateur. I've owned both the Ebony RSW45 and Mamiya 7 in the past, but subsequently sold them. What I liked most from each system was (i) the Ebony's movements, i.e., it only really had front rise & fall (Front: Rise 60mm, Fall 25mm), but i found it immensely useful with a...
  8. J

    Basic question on SPP -- getting SD card's Raw files into iMac

    I really like the DP2M, except for the processing of Raw files. I use the latest iMac. At the moment, my workflow is this: (i) put in the SD card into the iMac, (ii) open up SPP, (iii) open up the folder in SPP that houses ALL of my my Raw files (1000+ images), (iv) DRAG & DROP about 5 Raws...