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    Capture One 12

    So, C1 v12 is here - $200 to upgrade from v11 (or at least, that's the price P1 is quoting me). I don't have a problem with paying through the nose for major release upgrades, but it would be nice if they cut you some slack on the upgrade price for a major release if it appears within 12 months...
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    Fuji MF

    Doh, should've refreshed the browser before posting - just noticed I was beaten to it. No need for this thread anymore.
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    Phase One / Alpa A-Series Review

    Lighthearted, but might be regarded as irreverent (by people who own one ?):
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    Where's MFD headed ?

    My guess is it’s headed squarely in the direction of SLR style cameras (XF, H6D etc.) I don’t see any sensor manufacturer making a >=100MP CMOS sensor that will be shift friendly, nor do I see R/S coming out with a range of ultra-expensive, strongly retrofocus W/A lenses to work with current...
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    Apple computers and the EU directive

    Interesting blog post from David Clapp. This is from the Apple UK website (my emphasis), which pretty much reveals what he discovered: Under consumer laws in the UK, consumers are entitled to a free of charge repair or replacement, discount or refund by the seller, of defective goods or goods...
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    B&H faces unwanted exposure over worker safety.

    Here and here.
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    'New' ALPA Rodenstock 'Reference' Lens Series...

    ...well, not quite; no need to list your 'old' Rodenstocks in the B/S forum. What Alpa have done is replace the colored bands (magenta/cyan/yellow) with ... gold ones (ahem) ... and ascribed these gold-banded lenses to a 'reference' class (ahem, ahem).
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    NEC PA322UHD-BK-SV vs Eizo ColorEdge CG277

    If I win he lottery, I’d probably go for an Eizo ColorEdge 4K monitor… …but failing that I was wondering if anyone out there had any practical expereience with the NEC PA322UHD-BK-SV 32" Widescreen LED Backlit Color Accurate IPS Monitor with SpectraViewII ($3,199.00 at B&H). It’s quite new to...
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    P/P+/IQ Silicon Protection Cases

    Just noticed these on eBay (P/P+ series and IQ/IQ2 series). Wondering if the degree of protection they (potentially) give a DB from being dropped is negated by the 'danger' from overheating? The seller says 'great heat dissipation,' but - without wishing to sound too cynical - they would...
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    No affiliation, but just noticed that CI have spun off their store from their main site to - full of DBs, Cambo, Alpa gear etc. all presented nicely, and with prices. The Alpa and Cambo sections are stuffed with goodies (only two things listed in the A/S section). Pricing of the...
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    Canon adapter for Techno

    Anyone using this? Made in Germany using original Linhof and Canon parts - looks useful.
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    New SK 35mm - any news?

    A while back there were rumours of a new SK 35mm in the offing - just wonder if anybody has heard anything in the meantime... Jim
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    Portable Drive Encryption for C1/LR

    Does anyone out there who uses a portable hard drive to store their images on encrypt it as well? If so, what do you use (I'm on a Mac, OSX 10.8.4, so thinking about using the OS encryption tool, though am familiar with TrueCrypt as well)? Any performance issues? Other than the minor...
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    P45+ to IQ260 Special Upgrade Pricing?

    The quoted price for P45+ to IQ260 is $22.5k, but from looking on the web this seems to be a 'Special Time Limited Offer' - running out at the end of June. Is this correct? For example, see here and here.
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    Hasselblad CFV-50 and W/A Schneiders

    Just wondering if anyone could tell me what is the highest resolution MFDB that will work nicely with the latest Schneider W/A lenses (43/35/28), particularly if shifts are involved. From my 'research' (i.e. Google) I think it's the 50MP Hasselblad CFV-50 (or its sibling the H3D50). Why? Er...
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    Retrofitting to Alpa mount

    Has anyone here ever had a lens retrofitted by Alpa? I read in one of their publications that they offer this service, but can't find anyone that has made use of it. If you have, was it pretty straightforward to do (via a dealer I'm hoping), and how much did it cost? Did it take long? Would you...
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    Bargain MFDB deals at dealers!

    Bargain ... MFDB ... hmm, they don't often go together ... but has anyone noticed the recent trend of used MFDBs being cheaper from dealer's than privately? Ok, trend is maybe not the right word, but there are certainly some deals to be had. Not sure why this is - the large number of trade-ins...
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    Hasselblad 45deg finder for sliding back

    Could someone recommend one of the Hasselblad (V-fit) 45 degree viewfinder's for use on a sliding back? I know the RMFX is popular, but very pricey (one on eBay now for $499!) Also, it doesn't use a prism, 'just' a mirror...are there any advantages of the viewfinders that use prisms over...
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    Lens testing. As easy as 1,2,3...or maybe not?

    Revisiting Joesph Holmes' article on lens variability (my head still hurts) got me thinking. I have neither a) his knowledge, b) his patience or c) a number of 'identical' samples of a lens to compare against one, for a typical user, is there any strightforward set of steps that...
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    Schneider 28XL and P45+

    While there's been a lot of talk about the problems of using the new Schneider Super Digitar XL28/5.6 on the IQ180, there's not a whole lot out there about using it on earlier generation DBs. I was wondering if anyone on the forum was using it on a microlens free digital back, such as the P45+...