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  1. Bryan Stephens

    Fuji GX680 iii and IQ380

    I have a Fuji GX680 iii that has been sitting in my camera cabinet for a few years now. This is the one system that I did not have the heart to part with, after selling off my Hasselblad stuff (which I had quite a lot of). This used to be my landscape camera before I ventured into the MFD...
  2. Bryan Stephens

    WTB: Mamiya 300mm F/4.5 APO

    Looking for one in very good condition, with clean glass and with the tripod mount attached. I had one lined up, but the deal fell through just this afternoon as the seller contacted me to say that he dropped it, cracking the front element. :facesmack: If you have one that you are looking to...
  3. Bryan Stephens

    Missing MFD and getting back into it

    I have been out of the MFD field for just over a year, and already miss it, so I am giving serious contemplation to re-entering Dante's Inferno :loco::banged: (I know. I am a glutton for punishment) For the past year I have been shooting my Canon 1dx for my sports/action and for landscape it...
  4. Bryan Stephens

    FS: Leica M Monochrome and lenses

    I am selling my rarely used Leica M Monochrom body along with the four lenses I have for it, as I have hardly ever shot the camera in the 2 years that I have owned it. Leica M Monochrom is the 18MP CCD version and according to the body, it has 127 captures on it. I am including the hand grip...
  5. Bryan Stephens

    Capture One Pro 8 keeps crashing

    I have tried just about everything I know but I cannot get Capture One Pro 8 to open. I have been having this issue for a few days and I just downloaded the new version as well, but still will not open. I am running El Capitan and am not having issues with anything other than C1 Pro. I have...
  6. Bryan Stephens

    FS: Leica M Monochrom / 21mm Super Elmar

    I am thinking of selling my Leica M Monochrom (black body) which I have owned for about 16 months and have shot once. I also have a 21mm / 3.4 Super-Elmar ASPH that I am looking to sell as well. I am selling them as I don't shoot the camera anywhere near enough to justify holding on to it, and...
  7. Bryan Stephens

    FEELER: Nikon D4 and three lenses

    I may be looking to part with the remainder of my Nikon gear so I am gauging interest. If there is sufficient interest, I will formally post and add pictures as well. 1) Nikon D4 with roughly 15,000 actuations on it. I will confirm this if I do end up selling it. The body is in excellent...
  8. Bryan Stephens

    FS: Nikon gear

    I am selling some of my Nikon gear that duplicates some of my other equipment, and I am running out of room for it in my gear cabinet. Trying to get some funds for an ultra wide for my Cambo tech cam. ;) I have the following items: All come with boxes, lens shades, and I believe all of the...
  9. Bryan Stephens

    New desktop choices

    I am replacing my 1st generation iMac and am not sure if I need all the power that is in the Mac Pro (not to mention the cost), so I am considering the new iMac 27 with the 4GB NVIDIA graphics board. My laptop is the MacBookPro 15 and is fast enough for when I am traveling, but I prefer to have...
  10. Bryan Stephens

    FS: Nikon Equipment

    I am thinking of divesting myself of some of my Nikon gear as I do not shoot as much sports or action stuff any longer, and I will be using my DF+ for my other work besides landscape. That being said, I have the following gear that I am looking to see if there is any interest in. I will...
  11. Bryan Stephens

    SOLD: Nikon D700 and MBD10

    I am selling my D700 and MBD10 grip which are about 18 months old and the camera has approx. 5000 actuations on the shutter. The camera and grip are both in excellent condition, and show little or no signs of wear, and the users manual(s) are included as well as the software for the D700. I...
  12. Bryan Stephens

    D800 vs Etch-a-Sketch

    I figured there were comparisons of the D800 to just about everything else out there, so why not the Etch-a-sketch While the D800 wins hands down in MP count and color saturation, the Etch a sketch has great grey tones, and for the price, it cant be beat!!!!. I think the going rate is about...
  13. Bryan Stephens

    FS: Hasselblad H2F and two lenses

    I have a Hasselblad H2F (great upgrade path to the H4x) and two lenses that I am looking to sell as I am going to stick mainly with my Tech Cam and my Nikon kit. I had originally purchased the Hassy with the thought that I would use this for my landscape and portraits only to find that I really...
  14. Bryan Stephens

    H2F and Phase P40+

    I am getting into MFD again after being away from the MF realm for about 9 years and have a limited budget. I have been doing my research on the available systems and had it narrowed to either the Hasselblad H4 or the Phase One system, and had pretty much decided on the Phase due to the...