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  1. The old Photographer

    Reasons for MF in 2021

    Of course not, you are right. I am using a phase One XF, so there is no rational behind it, its my pleasure, the look to a waist level finder etc. I do feel that MF manufacturers are missing a separate direction to keep their future. to shrink a medium format camera to a pocket size, is that...
  2. The old Photographer

    Reasons for MF in 2021

    Why to go Medium Format these days? Is there still any rational behind? What are the intentions we have going that way and spend a lot of money? Sensor resolution is going up also in full frame (24x36) in the next months to 100MP, the frame rat is up to 30 full frame, Sensitivity goes down to...
  3. The old Photographer

    Phase One IQ4 phone tethering / transfer feature?

    At getdpi I like to start later a discussion about photographic technology, what may be a reason to buy MF in the iphone era and cameras like the upcoming Canon R3 or the Sony 1.
  4. The old Photographer

    The old Photographer

    Hi, a lot of members are older here, I am old too (73) but El Hank still has a big lead at 92. I have been working more than 40 years as an anaesthesiologist. I started with "medium format" Agfa Click, later I used a Rollei SLX 6008 System now again back at MF with a Phase One XF. My main camera...
  5. The old Photographer

    Phase One IQ4 phone tethering / transfer feature?

    Hi. I have asked them about a whitepaper regarding the so called "Infinity Platform". No feedback. What was written about on the old Phase one web page has had no content. It is in my view advertising blah blah. My...
  6. The old Photographer

    Canon iPF printers and Big Sur

    My 8300 is also no longer supported by Canon. The Printer is still supported by the DINAX Mirage Software and works fine. Also the price is - from my view - acceptable