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  1. J

    Hasselblad vs GFX system

    That's pretty amazing, there were some others that I really thought would be film. Certainly I've always much preferred the rendering of film over digital (personally using 35mm, 120, 4x5 for ages as a result), but increasingly cannot deny the benefits of digitally taking the image in the first...
  2. J

    Hasselblad vs GFX system

    marchaers, I just looked at your website too. Really really impressive. Out of curiosity, and noting your comments above - on your website's home page, are any of the images taken with film?
  3. J

    Hasselblad vs GFX system

    “ I've just made some test shots with the GFX100S and the X1D II and I do see off the bat that the X1D II wins in the color department” I am not disputing that Hasselblad is very good at colors (admittedly I only have a limited experience with the X1D), but I query though what color means in...
  4. J

    New to MF digital with 100mp camera - benefits of big/heavy tripod, given electronic shutter?

    So as the OP, i think i've now narrowed down my choice to a couple of options, being either the RRS TFC-24L or TFC-34L. This is mainly because (i) both extend to the height that I'm seeking, being c 170cm high with no center column, and (ii) both are pretty narrow in terms of packed diameter...
  5. J

    Backpack help please

    Thanks Vieri for the photo of your set-up. I own the f-stop Anja, and had a momentary GAS attack when I read other people's bag alternatives here(!), but then realised there is much that I really like about the f-stop, including the multitude of zipped pockets that's been helpful for documents...
  6. J

    New to MF digital with 100mp camera - benefits of big/heavy tripod, given electronic shutter?

    Yes, that's very interesting and as the OP, the key reasons for me looking at the taller tripods of around 175cm owe to pretty much what you discuss for your points 1) and 2). Also, when on the side of a hill (doing landscapes), I tend to find the leg down the hill needs as much height as it...
  7. J

    New to MF digital with 100mp camera - benefits of big/heavy tripod, given electronic shutter?

    Many thanks for all your replies, it's very useful. And thanks for flagging the Great Tripod thread, I will take a look! The tripod would be for travelling and hiking, not transported by car, but given I've been carrying a 5x4 set-up in my F-Stop Anja for years (albeit with a small Gitzo...
  8. J

    New to MF digital with 100mp camera - benefits of big/heavy tripod, given electronic shutter?

    I've recently moved over to digital medium format with a Fuji GFX100S. Really delighted to date with the results, even compared to my 5x4 film camera. My question is to do with tripods ....I historically used my 5x4 film camera on a Gitzo Systematic G1348. I sold that Systematic tripod for a...
  9. J

    Alternative to rise and fall?

    Using a longer lens (say, a 75mm over a 35mm) whilst moving much further back from the subject, can reduce some of the Keystoning due to narrowing the amount that the camera is titled upwards.
  10. J

    New Cambo Offerings - Late 2018 Edition

    The Actus products have always intrigued me, and if anyone can give me some thoughts, I’d be very appreciative .....I currently use 5x4 film (mainly for the benefits of front rise), and Leicas (M240, M246 Monochrom, SL). I’m curious about using the Leicas as a “digital back” on an Actus...
  11. J

    Sony Makes Medium Format Sensor Roadmap official...

    It’s an interesting point and these types of question made me go back recently into 5x4 film as a complementary system. - I will use the 5x4 system for when I need movements. Any amount of movements are basically fine with film, with none of a digital back’s restrictions when shifted too...
  12. J

    Arca Universalis

    My questions probably morph over the LF camera / MF / etc forums, but i will try here given it potentially seems the most appropriate as a more modern piece of kit. I am interested in the Arca Universalis due to its apparently high flexibility as a precision camera body that is suitable for...
  13. J

    A7RII + Cambo Actus

    If anyone from Cambo is reading, I'd be really grateful to know how well the Actus works with the Leica M240 or M246? There is obviously an M mount. Which lenses in the 50mm focal length area work flawlessly at infinity with this set up? For example the 60mm Actar? How much back rise / fall...
  14. J

    Fun with X1D

    couple of questions .... (i) given the large sensor in a thin and small body - did Hasselblad manage to avoid heat issues? (ii) any insight at all if a possible roadmap will include a wide tilt-shift? Thanks!
  15. J

    Alpa as an analogue set-up

    Former 5x4 user here, wanting to get back into using a camera with (a) movements, mainly front rise, and (b) with film. An obvious choice is simply to go back into LF film, but the Alpa STC and dedicated Alpa roll film back attracts me hugely due to its smaller size for travelling, use of 120...
  16. J

    262 funky color

    So to clarify a point above - I have the latest firmware on the M240, but I continue process the dng's in PS Elements 13. (1) Does one need to update older Adobe software too, given a latest version likely renders improved and more accurate colours / saturation? (2) when updated, do all the...
  17. J

    5x4 - wood (Ebony) vs metal (Linhof MT)

    I am toying with the idea of going back into LF. I used to own an Ebony RSW45 & 110 Super Symmar XL, but sold it a while back when Quickloads disappeared. I've played with the Linhof MT in a shop, and was surprised just how much more solid it felt compared to a wooden camera - eg, no wobble at...
  18. J

    WTB: Alpa / Linhof 6x7 rollfilm back

    Please PM me if you are considering selling an ALPA / Linhof rollfilm back (the 6x7 (56 x 72 mm) version). Many thanks
  19. J

    Hasselblad X1D

    I agree - in my case, I'd be most interested in knowing if a wide TS lens (ie for architecture) is on the cards or not. If it is, I'd likely be all in with this system.
  20. J

    Hasselblad X1D

    So to clarify, there is possibly the plan where you could take the x1d body, add an H adaptor, add the hts, then add an H lens? For something that would equate to a field of view of roughly 30-35mm in 35mm terms, what amount of front rise and fall would this hts set up give? I am trying to see...