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  1. J

    WTB: SF 58 or SF-24D flash

    I am looking for SF-58 flash or SF-24D Waiting for offers. I am located in EU, but good offers outside EU will be considered too. You can contact me here via PM or at: [email protected]
  2. J

    FS: LNIB MINT 2011 ELMAR-M 24mm ASPH 6-bit

    It is in MINT condition, it had UV filter on it since day one. I have all: box, papers, invoice. It has been bought 11-01-2011, serial is 4082445. I can post an EU invoice for it with international VAT number. Shipped worldwide, price is 1 699 EUR paid NET to me via PayPal. I have...
  3. J

    Oryginal LCW ND FADER 46mm

    LCW Fader ND ND2 ~ ND400 46mm Mark 2. New, not used, only opened. Bought few days ago. Useful if you want to get shallow DOF and use fast apertures in bright sun. It does not deteriorate sharpness as cheaper filters do. Price: 75 EUR shipped worldwide, paid net to me via PayPal (shipment...
  4. J

    SOLD: Leica SUMMILUX-M 50mm ASPH.

    Guys, I have the opportunity to get new black Summilux 50, so have to sell this one, which is 7 months old. It is in MINT condition, it had UV filter on it since day one. I have all: box, papers, invoice. What can I say more? Shipment from Poland, EU, paid via PayPal net to me. Of course if...
  5. J

    FS: Leica Noctilux 50 1.0

    My friend, author of this LFI Picture of the week: is selling his Leica Noctilux 50 1.0, serial 3956XXX. The lens is in mint condition with minimum usage visibility. Together is B&W ND 106 and UV filter. No box...
  6. J

    FS: LNIB Summarit 50mm

    I can ship worldwide, prices are net to me via PayPal. I have bought and sold many things on the forum. LEICA SUMMARIT 50mm - 799 EUR (plus shipment, to be checked on request) The lens has been bought by oryginal owner in September 2010 in Master Camera in Berlin. It is still on warranty. I...
  7. J

    BAGS: DOMKE (F10, back belt, J803), ARTISAN & ARTIST (Oskar's One Day Bag 7100)

    As I switched to smaller gear and bags, below ones are for sell. I can ship worldwide, prices are net to me via PayPal. I have bought and sold many things on the forum. DOMKE F-10 - 39 EUR (plus shipment, to be checked on request) Bought in March 2010. Perfect for daily use, insight you can...
  8. J

    WTB: Leica Viewfinder Magnifier 1.25x

    I look for Leica Viewfinder Magnifier 1.25x. Pls send me PM - if you have one and would like to sell it. Preferably EU, but worldwide could be considered too.
  9. J

    Buying Leica without papers?

    Friend of mine told me, that he found bargain deal on M8.2 and 35 Cron. I asked how it was. He told me, that a company got bankrupt and he found it sold by a repo man. I asked if there are papers, like invoices. He said NO. I adviced him, that he should check serials with Leica (via our local...
  10. J

    LEICA SF-24D

    Mint SF-24D, included all as on picture, incl. batteries. I bought it here: 180 EUR net to me via PayPal including shipment worlwide. You can contact me also at: [email protected]
  11. J


    All prices include shipment worldwide and can be paid via PayPal. You eventually need to pay PayPal provision if applicable. M8\M9 SKIN HALF CASE w. STRAP - 109 EUR It is black, like new - used for 1.5 month, with red stitching, tripod mount and built-in grip. Plus black skin strap with red...
  12. J

    STRAPS (Gordy's, LeicaGoodies, Luigi, Neoprene)

    GORDY'S - 10 EUR Brown, standard length, used, bought here on forum. LEICAGOODIES SLING - 10 EUR NEW, just arrived, I realised I do not like it so much to keep it. Very personal decision. I attached it to...
  13. J

    Next APS-C accepting "M" lenses - RICOH GXR system

  14. J

    FS: Voigtlander 75mm f/2.5 (M8, M9, NEX, u43) NEW

    I bought it about 3 weeks ago, it was never used, as I changed my plan. It has a bill plus 3 years warranty - 375 EUR net for me via PayPal (so you take PayPal provision and shipment, that should not be too high). BONUS for free: M39 -> Leica M adapter! Shipment from Warsaw\PL\EU. If you are...
  15. J


    Am interested in: 1) used Leica M8\M9 grip (black or silver) 2) Luigi (preferred) full case Rather within EU - due to custom, shipment cost, etc. But can also consider outside EU offers - with reasonable price. If you are interested - pls send description, best with pictures, price with...
  16. J

    WTB: Bag Artisan & Artist

    Want to buy a used bag. Am waiting for price offers with shipment to Poland, EU. - ACAM 1000 - Image Smith or - ACAM 7100 or VCAM 7100 - Oskar's One Day Bag or - Black Label Bag Oskar's One...
  17. J

    WTB: M9 case, straps, grip, accessories

    If anyone has for sale half or full case for M9, or a grip, or accessories like additional battery (not used) - pls contact me via forum or at: [email protected] Prefer offers from EU due to transport costs and customs, but for full case - may be worldwide, if visibly less expensive...
  18. J

    FS: NEX-3 NEX-5 16 18-55 18-200

    Recently I have bought few NEX bodies with goal to sell lenses and use with "M" glass. But I changed my mind and decided to come back again to M9 - so am selling all. Everything was bought in last weeks, I have all that was in a box, all papers, documents, bills, warranties. Cables, straps -...
  19. J

    FS: DOMKE F-5XB A&A VCAM-7100

    Hi! I am selling two bags. I can send them worldwide, after receiving money via PayPal first. I do live in Poland, EU. ARTISAN & ARTIST VCAM-7100 This bag was bought @ LEICA dealer in March and was used about 5 times. As it is lying not used, I am selling it. It is like new! Price is 220 EUR \...
  20. J

    M9 and para LV

    There are at least two devices, that you can connect to viewfinder - and they will show you whole picture on small, moveable LCD. You can also magnify the picture. Secu-Line ZIGVIEW S2