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    How do the New Nikon Z lenses compare to the Sony G

    Let me comment on the built quality of the 2.8 zooms, I shoot both brands ever since these lenses came out, professionally. Overall the Sony rendition is more on the cool, technical side and very sharp. They have been reliable and worked with whatever I threw at them (climate, environment, etc.)...
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    ISO recomendation studio light for MF

    While I love working with LEDs and the variability they offer, I find they fit best when augmenting existing light, as color matching and intensity are easily adjusted (strobes still need to be gelled). Now as for power output. To shoot at acceptable exposure times and f stops for people you...
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    XQD or CF Express?

    When the Z6/7 II came out I did switch to CFexpress and the download speed with the Sandisk reader (and cards) is extremely improved. I got the 128GB versions and don't need to change cards during a shoot day, which is brilliant for data integrity, exposure to the elements etc. Obviously, I'm...
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    Good lens for flower photography?

    Hi, I take a stab at this: I prefer normal focus length over others. It gives some depth and perspective, whereas a longer lens flatness things out, which is not to my liking. Another fun approach is a Tilt Shift lens for what it's made for or the opposite. A zoom isn't necessarily a bad thing...
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    XQD or CF Express?

    I’m all about the upgrade, looking forward, therefor I go with an end without pain rather than pain without ending. The CFexpress is quite amazing for download speeds. I Can’t recommend this enough if you have the volume (Shooting Vers. II Z’s).
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    Hasselblad X1D II

    In questionable circumstances I use my lightmeter that’s calibrated. And/or bracket. Mostly trying to keep the highlights from going out of range. And as a last resort, shoot, look at the curves and highlights and make a creative decision.
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    Hasseblad XD ll possible move from Sony A7r IV

    It seem you're coming from a real photographers place, and I have to say, the X1D (or II) hits all the marks for a "stranded on an island" camera. the files are great, its a simple menu and gets straight to the point. As mentioned, AF is a bit slow, as is continuous shooting, but if you're used...
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    Broncolor led f160

    I recently looked at this. It’s a brilliant little light and concept if you want the bron light formers and can shoot at a higher ISO. If your looking a strictly LED lights, check out Hive lighting, but the ARRI Skypanels are hard to beat for consistency, variability and output. I have these on...
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    photography backdrop grey or black...where to get? Resommendations?

    This might be a bit late, but for future reference, I just got a Studio assets PBX in 8x8. My wife actually persuaded me to give it a try after seeing it in action. It’s a super simple setup and so far the black is working out great, not muslin black, aka no reflection, but perfectly black in...
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    Filter holder / system

    I do have the lee system, 100mm with a below. It does quite a nice job. It’s huge on a 35mm kit but on MF it works quite well. The one thing is neutrality of the ND. I see a huge shift in color when lining up none filter, ND 0.9 and small stopper, for the most people that doesn’t matter, but for...
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    1 lens, 1 camera

    Obviously there have to be options, so I’m looking at what’s available to me; Version 1, I want to learn more, single focal length: that would be the Z7 with a 50mm, fitting with the forum Version 2, what I have most fun with, slow and great X1D II with a 90mm, love the simplicity and output...
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    Alternative to flare buster reflector

    If you already have the mounting system you could just buy a roll of black wrap and create your own in size and shape. Also, ARRI makes smaller flags specifically for their Matt boxes, maybe that inspires a solution. If you don’t have a mounting system you could get a flexible arm that would...
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    Plans for using Medium Format for the next 12 months?

    All I have to say, stay at the Inn and not at the Ranch if you have to rent a room. If you’re at the Ranch, bring a sleeping bag/liner, which makes it bare able. A swim suit and maybe a tennis racket, and get up before sunset to shoot, but scout during the day. Also, watch Ride with Norman...
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    Your personal process of evaluating new gear

    It used to be easy, depending on subject you get the available/affordable. Ease of use, best results, time saving in set up and use, lest prone to repairs, widely available and recognized by any assistant worldwide for easy trouble shooting. For 4x5, get a Sinar P2, for medium format, either a...
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    Sensor Cleaning?

    I would also suggest to acquire a Loupe with built in LED so you a really spot the dust issues on the glass. After that I’m with all the suggestions, internal sensor cleaning setup, blower, brush and sensor swabs with various solutions, going back to the previous steps to see if it changed...
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    Best modifier for group/family photos?

    My usual go to is the elinchrom Octa, usually that’s good for 3-5/8 people, feathered of form the left, often ending up at a near 90mdeh angle away from the subject, once I need to shoot more people in one frame I actually use multiples of these and stager them in a similar angle and height to...
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    What are the best 3 or 4 lenses for a Canon DSLR camera?

    My fav Canon lenses were the 35-50-85 L series, very consistent in color, contrast and rendering. I was always positively surprised by the 2.8 70-200L II and the 24TS II is another standout.
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    Opinions of the Phase One + Hasselblad system I am putting together?

    So many things are going through my head. And the first is not to overspend and get a business going. Equipment will always change and upgrades are often helpful. As for DMF, I do love the step up for so many reasons. While the P1 backs are outstanding, they are definitely an older generation...
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    Bag for X1D

    One of my go to solutions is the Thinktank Digital Holster 10, fits the X1D with 90 easily and I can squeeze 2 batteries in the side pouch. This then goes into any bag I carry or on belt if needed, sometimes I just clip it on the outside of my bag for easy access. And for walk around with an...
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    SK 40-80mm LS vs 3 primes [45,55,80] and the winner is!

    It's all about the application (to me). For travel, adverse weather, location shooting I prefer the zoom, despite the weight. It keeps the dust out and I can quickly change my image coverage. For studio and long time handheld, the primes win every time, that and if one is down, you can save the...