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  1. Slingers

    New E mount adapter from Sigma

    Sigma has announced two new E mount adapters for both Canon and Sigma mounts. They work on APSC and FF cameras. Its good to have another option. All links have now been removed from the internet. Sigma lanza un adaptador para poder usar una veintena de sus ópticas en cámaras Sony E |...
  2. Slingers

    Register your interest for Sony Australia Pro Support

    Sony Australia has a form to gather interest in the amount of people who would join an Australian Pro support program and how much would you be willing to pay.
  3. Slingers

    Diana F+ 38mm on a Sony

    I'm always looking at ways to spark some creativity and exploring how i can improve my basic photography skills. I often will artificially restrict myself in particular way, like only shooting wide open, high iso, low iso etc. I came across the Diana lens series and liked that I would I have...
  4. Slingers

    Tamron patents another FE lens

    Tamron has published a patent for another FE lens. This time its a 28/2.8 with optical stabilization. Is it possible its a new Batis? Found: Tamron 28mm F2.8 VC?????????????So-net???
  5. Slingers

    LAEA4 for Canon Lenses

    I saw a testing video of this translucent adapter for Canon lenses a couple of months ago, the video has since been removed. I hadn't heard any news recently about it so I sent an email to mxcamera. Got this response "Hi, pre-order accept from this week and will ship from the end of August...
  6. Slingers

    What are they thinking?

    I received a F20M flash today in the mail and I noticed the locking mechanism is a more traditional screw lock. I also have a F43M flash and it has a confusing lever lock. It got me thinking about all the differences and made me wonder what are they thinking? I have a NEX-7 and an A7S and if I...
  7. Slingers

    Last three FE lens for the year

    According to the roadmap Sony is about to announce the last three FE lens for the year. We know one is a macro, another a large aperture prime, and an unknown lens. I suspect we will see a similar lens announcement to what was released with the cameras a year ago. With a f/1.8 and a f/2.8 primes...
  8. Slingers

    Exif with Nikon lens

    One of the things that is great about the E mount is the ability to adapt lenses. But what is i dislike about adapting lenses is the ability to add the lens and maximum aperture to the exif of my RAW files. Adding via lenstagger in my PP is an easy workaround however sometimes I forget the exact...
  9. Slingers

    NEX 7 + Zeiss Sonnar FE 55/1.8

    I have been amazed by the images everyone has posted on here with the FE 55/1.8. Having it on my camera I still went wow at the sharpness it produces. Even though I'm using the best part of the lens on the NEX 7 I have similar thoughts about the 55 to the 35 as when i used them on the A7 and...
  10. Slingers

    Nex 7 and FE 35/2.8

    I just received the FE 35/2.8 today and thought I would post some examples. I haven't seen any previous shots from a crop camera and this lens, I'm sure there probably is some somewhere. I know the NEX 7 is soon to be discarded as a former model but my thoughts are that maybe if you are...