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    Is this allowed?

    Somehow they have managed to send messages to many of us
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    New member in Arizona

    Welcome from Rick in Tempe!
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    Looking for a reliable retailer

    Use the coupon code HHPWORKSHOP for 20% off on the Hoya website.
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    Looking for a reliable retailer

    I buy direct from Breakthrough or Hoya online. Several other manufacturers also have online direct sales. So many counterfeit/returned items out there. Same for SD cards, etc. Amazon would be a last option but only if they are the seller (and even then not sure it won't be a returned/used item).
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    Olympus (Now OM Digital Solutions) Discontinues Extended Warranties?

    I just received a reply from them that they intend to offer again "in March".
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    Architecture, Buildings, and Structures

    Talk about lens distortion! :)
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    FS: Hasselblad Xpan Quick Release Plate- Mint

    Like new QR plate for Hasselblad Xpan camera. $45 incl. regularpaypal and shipped continental US.
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    Is this the lens that will save Olympus?

    AFAIK, the hood is included. The "buzz" is up in arms over the price, but what about the FF sort-of-competition at $12-13k for a prime? No one blasted Nikon/Canon for that, but then that doesn't generate clicks. If I were a pro or even wealthy amateur birder for wildlife photographer, I'd be...
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    Capture One v21 preorder woes and words of caution

    I figured out a workaround- downloaded trial version of C1 20, installed that (replacing existing C1 20), used the key code for C1 21, it seems to be working.
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    Capture One v21 preorder woes and words of caution

    I was just there, they have no record of me later than v6. Everything else missing.
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    Capture One v21 preorder woes and words of caution

    I upgraded, didn't want to use 21 Beta because of Mac compatibility problem. Launched 20, was told license info needed. I entered the key code for 20 (why would I expect I need to use the new 21 key code for 20?), had option to Quit or Deactivate license. After trying "Quit" several times with...
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    WTB: Pentax 645n body with 120 insert

    Looking for one in very ago working order. Please PM with details. Thanks!
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    WTB Hasselblad 500cm kit

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    Birgit Maddox Monterey, California

    Welcome, good to see another MFA (Medium Format Analogue) member!
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    WTB Hasselblad 500cm kit

    Looking for a very good condition 500cm (would consider other models) with 50 or 60 or 80mm lens and A12 back. Please let me know condition, details, etc.
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    Digitizing Film - Part #2 [Article]

    Great articles and timing - I am just moving to "DSLR" scanning, so most helpful.
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    More Fun with Large Format Film Images!

    Yes, tidy indeed! Our head of state tells us that you rake your forests by hand- fantastic concept.
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    Black and White Film Processing

    I think Richard Photo Lab is the LA lab your friend mentioned. North Coast, near San Diego, also does that (and has Ken Rockwell's endorsement). Rick
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    New Olympus High End m43 Camera

    Image stabilization is one reason to use Oly lenses on Oly bodies and Pany lenses on Pany bodies. Each has a unique adaptation of integrating lens IS (if any) with body IS (if any), and they are not cross-compatible. Also, if the Pany lens has an aperture control ring, that only works on Pany...
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    New Olympus High End m43 Camera

    Now that some of the initial dust has settled, I decided to do a review of the commentariat re. the E-M1X and found a thoughtful one here. I am a m43 user with a good array of lenses, and have no great desire to return to the size and weight of the FF world. So would it make sense to consider...