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  1. douglasf13

    FS: Leica 35 Summicron ASPH black

    Hi. Up for sale is my 35 Summicron ASPH. This lens is in excellent shape, and the glass is perfect. The focus ring is smooth and fantastic, and the barrel looks good with only a few minor nicked areas (see pics.) Also included is a B+W MRC UV filter and original hood/caps. This lens is...
  2. douglasf13

    FS: ZM 35/2.8, Contax G 35, 4 Voigtlanders, NEX 16, adapters and more!!

    Hi. I've got a baby on the way, so I'm selling several lenses and adapters that I've not been using on my NEX cameras (NEX, rangefinder and SLR lenses.) All prices include paypal fees and shipping. Paypal is my only accepted method of payment, and I will only ship to the lower 48 US states...
  3. douglasf13

    NEX-5 vs. NEX-5N pt. 2: ZM 35/2

    Hi. After comparing the CV 15 on the NEX-5 and NEX-5N in this thread,, I decided to give it a go with my ZM 35/2. This test was difficult, because, despite using the same exposure for each, the major difference in illumination...
  4. douglasf13

    Comparing NEX-5n vs. NEX-5 w/ CV 15mm

    Hi, I set up a quick test to check out the corner differences between the NEX-5 and NEX-5N with my new CV 15/4.5. There is unfortunately a small framing difference in these, but exposure was the same (slightly regulated in LR3) with lenses set to infinity at f5.6. Cameras were mounted on my...
  5. douglasf13

    Pimped NEX-5N EVF

    I "pimped" my NEX-5N EVF with some Hassie camera leather. In person, it really plays down the plastic-y-ness of the EVF, and I think it goes well with the black camera. What do you think? p.s. these crappy pics are using the iPhone up close, so they really make the EVF appear larger than...
  6. douglasf13

    Help! I'm having Perar lens issues.

    Hi. I have been battling with my little MS Optical Perar for the last 7 months, and I'd love to hear your insight on my situation, even if you don't own the lens. Last February, after owning the lens for a month or two, I began noticing that my Perar's corner resolution was incredibly...
  7. douglasf13

    Super cool new M to NEX adapter

    Hi, NEX users, I wanted to give everyone a head's up about this new adapter that someone posted about on dpreview. It has a little lever that expands the adapter out a few millimeters, which lets you focus much closer than normal with M lenses. It's like a mini macro tube built in. I just...
  8. douglasf13

    First pics of NEX-C3

    It looks like the first photos of the NEX-3 replacement, the NEX-C3, are leaking, so release is probably imminent. It seems most of the difference is cosmetic, outside of the new 16.2MP sensor, which is going to cause...
  9. douglasf13

    My new NEX-5 EVF...

    I've cross posted this in a few forums, but I wanted to show ya'll the easy design that I came up with for a very effective, unbulky EVF solution for my NEX-5. More info here:
  10. douglasf13

    NEX different ratios

    Hi. I showed this to Zoran the other day, and he seemed to think it was pretty cool, so I thought that I'd show my simple solution for framing in various ratios on my NEX-5...window stickers!:ROTFL: They're cheap, easy to remove, and you can see through them enough to read info underneath...
  11. douglasf13

    NEX-5 in Chicago (pics)

    I managed to take a few quick shots in Chicago last week, even though my right hand has been broken for the last month. :( Sony 16/2.8 self portrait: Contax G 35/2 SMC Takumar 50/1.4 Contax G 90/2.8
  12. douglasf13

    NEX EVF? Well, sorta...

    Well, while we wait to see what Sony does in regards to an EVF on NEX, I decided to bite on a funky little accessory attachment that magnifies the camera's own LCD, and it is called the Clearviewer. I received the Clearviewer today, and, to my surprise, it works a...
  13. douglasf13

    NEX-5 LCD problem and quick fix

    Hi, I just wanted to alert NEX-5 owners that my camera's LCD developed an issue where, when flipped up about 45 degrees or more, the LCD starting showing subtle blotchiness and color issues (especially in darker tones.) I nearly sent the camera in, but decided to try unscrewing the two screws...
  14. douglasf13

    NEX-5 and infinity focus. A question for you.

    Well, I've just made a discovery that should have been more obvious to me earlier. After complaining like a lot of users that my Leica M to E-mount adapter focused past infinity, I made another discovery today. My Sony issued A-mount to E-mount adapter does the same thing :shocked: This leads...
  15. douglasf13

    A900 ISO 320: Part II

    So, I decided to start a new thread in regards to the A900's ISO 200 vs. ISO 320 questions (since the last was so long,) and below are a few of my own examples. Andrey's examples in the last thread,, showed the difference in deep...
  16. douglasf13

    May have uncovered lens correction in LR3??

    I was working with LR3 today, and it froze for a second, and, when I tried to do an "undo," it flashed "undo lens correction." I was unable to capture the warning in the center in the page, but I captured it in the file menu. Is this a sign of lens correction to come in LR3??
  17. douglasf13

    Hip to be square (A900 pics)

    Well, I've been drawn back to square format, and decided to take it to the next level. Rather than relying on my gridded focus screen to frame for square, I actually removed the screen and put black electrical tape on it to mask of a square completely. It works like a charm, and I may never go...
  18. douglasf13

    PC Distagon for Alpha mount available

    It was just brought to my attention that Leitax is now making a mount conversion for the Contax PC Distagon 35 2.8 shift lens. Shift lenses don't get much better. link:
  19. douglasf13

    Contax lenses on A900 is official.

    Whelp, there goes my new marriage! :ROTFL:
  20. douglasf13

    A900 on Kauai (lots of pics)

    My wedding activities are officially over, so I finally managed to start sorting through some of my pics from our honeymoon in Kauai. These are all A900 (with only ZA 85 and 24-70, i think) minimally adjusted in C1 with some PS dust removal and output sharpening.