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    Beginner Digital View Camera

    Look at the Arca-Swiss Universalis. It is a precise modular camera for either digital backs or Mirrorless DSLRs. Very light and compact with most movements geared.
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    Malefic 6x17 camera - experiences?

    Use Liquid nails to glue in and then a quick release plate ever after.
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    Stanley, Very nice! Rod
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    WTB: Arca Swiss Rm3Di -EU

    Jettad on the forum has a nice one for sale.
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    Behind the scenes

    We have been doing this for several years. You might take a look. arcaswissusa on Instagram.
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    More Fun with Large Format Film Images!

    The snow pictures in B&W would benefit from an Orange filter as the filter helps pick up the texture of the snow. The snow is just a touch dull and smooth. Otherwise nice images. Rod
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    Normal to 1:1 product shoots with IQ4-150mp : XF 120mm BR vs SK 120mm Apo Digitar M with X Shutter

    The 120mm ASPH is fantastic at distance as well as up close. I have heard there were discussions to replace the Macro 120 with the ASPH. When it was going to be announced, My boss in France sent the ASPH to me to test as he did not have time. I set it up, as it was not R mounted yet, on my...
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    FS: Arca Swiss F Classic 4x5

    Camera is a 171 series with Monorail original rails Appears to circa 1985-1989. You might note at least it is 171 series.
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    Schneider Super Symmar 120mm HM 5.6 lens

    The 110mm is a good lens usually, but both it and the 80mm have been having issues over the last few years. They seem to have been constructed using a bad batch of Balsom or whatever cement they used to cement elements together. This batch in a percentage of specimens of these lenses has been...
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    FS: Arca Swiss Rm3di - PRICE REDUCED TO SELL

    Yes Credo bodies with the correct adapter plate will be completely compatible. Rod
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    CFVii50c strange artefacts and pattern

    The Rode 35mm has always had a red wavelength issue as well, meaning you need to increase Depth of Focus to help clean it up and sharpen it. With a 50-60mp back you can do this at F11, but when you get to 100mp F8 is a pretty hard limit for best quality on the Rode 35. So it does not perform...
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    270mm lens for 8x10 camera.

    Congo was another brand name that was similar to the Computar offerings.
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    270mm lens for 8x10 camera.

    The 270mm G-Claron will cover, but not much movement(IC 335mm) you need about 305 to cover the film. The Kowa and Computer offerings seem to be 4 element Tessar variations and would also probably have limited image circles. The G-Clarons were designed for close work and as such large enlargement...
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    Beginner view camera with digital back

    You could also look at an Arca-Swiss Universalis 6x9. Geared movements and MicroOrbix tilt. Modular so can change formats as well.
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    RE: Phase One DF+ shutter sticks / doesnt drop when back is attached

    You might us a q-tip to clean the contacts between the body and the back, and the battery contacts as well. Also, how old are your batteries for the back? They do have a finite cycle life.
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    270mm lens for 8x10 camera.

    There are 240mm and 250mm lenses that will cover 8x10. I do not know of a 270mm that will cover that has been made.
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    Infos about Arca Swiss A, B, C - older lines

    Alkiblades, I have some of what you want and I can send you some things. These cameras have not been manufactured since 1984, so a bellows is a problem as even the frames are no longer made. These are large so email me direct if you would like the information. Be well, Rod
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    Fuji GFX100S and Roddy55 and schneider 47mm on Arca Swiss

    The standard rotaFoot for F-line and M-line ARCA-SWISS cameras, is $658-$708, depending on the bayonet. The larger GFX 100 rotaFoot is $1100, which includes bayonet and a 20mm riser extension block. Both versions of rotaFoot have a specific model# for F-line Universalis cameras, since the...
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    Fuji GFX100S and Roddy55 and schneider 47mm on Arca Swiss

    The 47mm can be used, but very tight on many DSLR/Mirrorless bodies. Also, Arca-Swiss is now offering the new rotaFoot, which is an even better mounting for the camera and lenses as it does not require DSLR removal to change orientation. The rotaFoot is very thin and uses the same bellows as the...
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    Technical Cameras: Questions

    Dave, Arca-Swiss does offer a cap for any of our adapter plates. Rod