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  1. Bugleone

    Capture One Express for Fuji.

    Does anyone know what the story is with this? Fuji cameras come with a separate invite to use Capture One Express i nthe form of a small leaflet in the box. However, if one wishes to explore this free software then there are several hurdles to overcome,.....the address/website...
  2. Bugleone

    Photo hosting sites

    As of 27th June 'Photobucket' has changed it's hosting facility and my images are effectively ransomed....... What is a better hosting site please?
  3. Bugleone

    MF assist on a6000

    The Sony a6000 has a feature which offers a magnified image area for checking manual focus. Unfortunately, this is not as well implemented as it is in the earlier NEX models which had a dedicated button for 'MF assist'. On the a6000 one is obliged to go into the menu each time to use the...
  4. Bugleone

    a6000....some queries

    After using NEX 3 for several years I now have a brand new a6000 sitting unused on my table. I have pretty much worked out most of the set up as it's not that different in essence, however I have a few questions that many folk here will know so here goes; 1) Does anyone know the safe...
  5. Bugleone

    Using 'Photobucket'...getting best results

    I use the 'Photobucket' site for posting pix on this site. I notice that the posted shots don't look the same, and are not really as good quality, as the Photobucket image....... ..........Any pointers for best practice?.....or reasons why?....Thanks!
  6. Bugleone

    Info about 'lightroom' and 'Nik suite'

    I am currently using RawTherapee quite successfully to edit ARW (sony RAW files) although I am not very proficient yet as the software is quite complex (to me anyway!) Fortunately, I understand some of the technicalities associated with image editing as I was trained as a technical photographer...
  7. Bugleone

    Lumix GM5 in the UK..??

    A few weeks ago I was perusing the camera section of John Lewis (a large department store which is "never undersold") branch in Cambridge UK and happened upon the GM5 which had hitherto been below my radar. There were two versions on display and I spent some time playing with the version with...
  8. Bugleone

    Jane Bown

    Jane Bown who died on Sunday was one of the worlds top portrait photographers. Although many people here will not be aware of her name they will have seen some of her iconic work which became historic documentation of the second half of the 20th century. Revered Observer photographer Jane...
  9. Bugleone

    SD cards for NEX 3

    Since starting with my NEX 3 in June 2011 I have only used 'ordinary' SD cards both 'Scandisk' and 'Lexar'. As posted elsewhere I have grown to admire the image quality of NEX 3 and have produced several 20x16 inch prints of amazing clarity, acutance and resolution.... ......However, I have...
  10. Bugleone

    NEX 3/kit lens...not so shabby!

    I've been pleased with my NEX3&kit zoom which has replaced my pentax DSLR to good effect since June 2011. During that half year I have been more and more impressed with both camera and, more importantly, the kit zoom. All over the web there are statements from 'authorities' claiming that the...
  11. Bugleone

    Please help with NEX info.

    Could you NEX owners please help me with some vital info? I am wanting to buy a NEX3 as it is apparently ideal for my uses except for it's flash facility. NEX, like many 'digicams', uses a preflash when in it's auto modes. This makes it impossible to use a slave triggered flash head, which...
  12. Bugleone

    NEX socket pins and flash

    Has anyone succeeded in 'hacking' the plug socket on NEX? Does anyone know what the various pins do? Is it true that the 'pre-flash' cannot be turned off? Thanks for any help,...I need to know the answers to the above before I decide whether to buy NEX or give it a miss!