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    Official pic of the new FE lenses

    HERE (scroll down) So who's getting what? :watch:
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    Which 90mm for travel?

    i'm looking for a cheap and cheerful 90mm to travel with -- the lighter the better :D i don't often shoot at this focal length, but i've found myself wanting to play with a longer lens when i'm visiting my dad in Hawaii, etc... i'll likely be stopped down, so speed isn't an issue here. has...
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    Revisiting the question -- which MacBook Air for travel?

    i know this has been discussed before, but i thought i'd ask people's comments again now that they've really had time to use them. i bought a 15" MBP over a year ago thinking it would be a joy to travel with after lugging my 17" around... in comparison, yes, but not really... after six very...
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    What RAW processor for Leica Monochrom?

    Is Lightroom really the only one? (i've been using C1 for years, but no one wants to answer me about whether or not there are plans in the pipeline to support the Monochrom... hate being constrained to only one option, Lightroom :o)
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    HELP -- 50mm Summilux pre-asph or Asph?

    i spent years shooting the 35 Lux (both pre-asph and then the Asph) on my R-D1 and then the M8, moaning that i wished i could go wider... enter the M8, problem solved, right? wrong. i'm beginning to think i may be more of a 50mm shooter after all :o so i decided to look at the 50 Lux glass...
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    MacBook Air -- how are you liking them now?

    my 13" MBA had a run in with a large glass of Sauvignon Blanc... need i say more? i'd like to know what everybody who got one of the new MBAs is thinking, now that they are not so shiny and new any more -- both the 11" and 13" (as i may not be able to afford the big boy again). does anybody...
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    request for images with 50mm f/2 macro

    i'm getting an E-1 today and am looking for a good lens to combine with it to shoot in the rain (so weatherproofing is a must). i keep on being drawn to this lens (despite the slow focusing), most probably because it's the only prime that fits the bill. i would love to see some examples of real...
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    worth it to the upgrade shutter on M8?

    here's the deal: i bought my M8 used for a very good price, with every intention of upgrading the shutter... and then the M9 was announced... as we've just moved, monies need to be spent on furniture and the like, so i don't see myself getting that M9 until, well, the M10 is announced...
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    current price of a new M8 shutter?

    i was one of the lucky ones who had an M8 that seemed to be fixable by taking the battery out when i mistakenly turned to Continuous whilst in Discreet. until a fairly spectacular fall, on my way to catch the last lighting up of the Eiffel Tower as a resident in Paris... it didn't matter that i...
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    recovering severely underexposed pics in C1?

    long story short, i was a numbskull... was shooting in manual for bright stage lights (f/1, 1/125, 160) and then forgot to return to normal after the show. as luck would have it, i have a few shots that i really quite like... when i worked on one of them, i was pretty amazed a how much detail i...
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    please don't tell me to buy an Epson 3800

    okay, guys, i need a printer. a SMALL printer. while cost is a consideration, size is even more so. we live in a tiny apartment -- the only space large enough for a 3800 would be the stove-top or the bed. i don't need to print any larger than 8X10 and am much more concerned about black and...
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    Focus Magic or other voodoo?

    someone mentioned the program above in an M thread here and i was willing to give it a go but it doesn't work on my mac... here's the deal: i was playing around with the 75 Lux, wide open, whilst my brother and his kids were playing in the pool. it was all for practice in focus and speed, and i...
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    C1 Pro -- Could not generate preview?

    the newest version of C1 Pro will not let me generate a preview of the one image i want -- all the others seem to be fine (pics before and after).... i'm on a 17" mac powerbook and my shots are DNG from an M8. any workarounds?
  14. C

    Insurance for photographic equipment?

    after Jono's recent adventure (and my own, i might add), i really want to get insurance on all my gear. i'm looking for people's experience and/or recommendations. i'm a U.S. citizen (and currency), but spend most of my time in France. i would like something based in the U.S. (ease of language)...
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    Nikon F Photomic?

    does anybody still use this? have any pointers? all my digital bodies will be going in for calibration (including lenses), so i will be left with my first Nikon body -- just given to me by my father. any advice or pointers would be hugely appreciated. TIA, cam
  16. C

    WTB: 35mm Summilux Aspherical

    yes, the first version with the Aspherical written out. preferably a "user" as there is no way i can afford a collector's lens. tried and tested on the M8 a big plus! i know it's a long shot, but this is the lens i really want and i figure i'd kick myself for not asking. barring that, i will be...
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    75 Summilux and 35 Summilux Asph on the M8

    i have questions on both these lenses that have probably been covered elsewhere -- but i can't find them so i'm asking here to see if anybody can shed some light. 75 Lux. i was out shooting with a friend last night and he was the one who commented on something i had already discovered: the 75...
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    "street" settings, anyone?

    first off, i've been spoiled for over a year by the Epson which has allowed me to change any and all settings i need on the top of the camera -- no need to go into annoying menus. i got the M8 when my R-D1 died, choosing it as a complement rather than replacement whilst awaiting repair. i have...
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    used M8 plus shutter upgrade or new M8.2?

    my Epson died this morning and i'm not sure how long it will take in service. whilst i have other cameras in my arsenal, they just aren't the same. i am addicted to rangefinder photography, for better or for worse. i can't really afford it right now, but... this did get me thinking about the...
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    my first film Leica?

    this will be my very first film Leica and i've decided i want to start back with one of the classics. the M3 is enticing to me because i prefer the larger VF and it seems custom made for my Noctilux. on the other hand, the M2 is intriguing because it will allow me to use the two 35's i have. i...