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  1. Leicadoc

    New Leica M10-P

    Just a couple of early results after two days. Amazingly quite shutter. Superb quality. First image: 35 Summilux ASPH. Second image: Summilux 75.
  2. Leicadoc

    Very good Canon 60D

    I have recently bought a Canon 6D and don't need my 60D any longer. I am the only owner, and bought this camera new 3 years ago for shooting wildlife and sports. There are about 35,000-40,000 shutter actuations and the camera has functioned flawlessly. I will send in original box with battery...
  3. Leicadoc

    Lightly used Leica V-Lux 2

    This is a lightly used V-lux 2 that I bought from a RFF member for my son, who used it twice, and just couldn't get into photography. It is in great shape, no issues, just a small scratch or two, to show it had been used. Glass is excellent. Zoom on this camera is 24-600 mm. Great idea for your...
  4. Leicadoc

    The Ultimate Leica MP AlaCarte Kit.

    I am greatly pained to sell this kit. Those who know me here know I do not sell this lightly. I need to sell this kit, so I'll just get it done. Nothing here is overrated or intentionally cleansed of the truth, and I have a long record of sales here and on RFF. 1) Leica MP ala carte, custom red...
  5. Leicadoc

    The Ultimate Leica MP AlaCarte Kit.

    I am greatly pained to sell this kit. Those who know me here know I do not sell this lightly. I need to sell this kit, so I'll just get it done. Nothing here is overrated or intentionally cleansed of the truth, and I have a long record of sales here and on RFF. 1) Leica MP ala carte, custom red...
  6. Leicadoc

    FS:Voigtlander Color Skopar 21/4 EX+ in Black!

    Very nice, light, tiny Color Skopar, in great shape. Glass is perfect. Very sharp. Mild paint wear on the front cap. This comes with the caps, box, and LTM/M adapter. Asking 300 US shipping and PayPal included in lower 48. Before you ask, there are international places I won't ship to...
  7. Leicadoc

    Canon FD 50/1.8 Single Coated lens, Classic..

    I came across this lens in my drawer. It is still very usable, nice and clean. Nowadays, you can use it with an EOS adapter for the current series. I had planned on doing some black and white with it, but just haven't contacted Adorama for the adapter. I am offering it for sale for someone who...
  8. Leicadoc

    SOLD Sweet Canon 50/1.2 LTM: Fast, sharp and clean!

    I bought this lens last fall for a portrait lens for my M8, but have since gone to M9. I recently came across a beautiful Summilux 75, so I am selling this great lens, simply because I will not be using it. Bright light exam shows minimal cleaning marks, no fungus, maybe a small bit of dust. The...
  9. Leicadoc

    Extremely clean, Canon 100/2.0 LTM!

    This is a very fine Canon 100 f2.0 in Leica thread mount. I was able to find this and planned to use it for portraits, but just stumbled across a Summilux 75. I will need to let this go. Great condition, clean glass with a minimum of dust, slight paint wear on the barrel. Please see the...
  10. Leicadoc

    Leica D-Lux 4

    Lightly used D-Lux 4 camera, bought from an RFF member then used just slightly since Christmas by my son, who decided on a V-Lux 2 in stead. Considerably better than user grade, this comes with the camera, battery, and charger. Box not still with the camera. Highly functional camera, great...
  11. Leicadoc

    WTB: Nikon 105/2.5 in LTM or Canon 100/2.0 LTM!

    Hoping to find a Nikon LTM 105/2.5 or Canon 100/2.0 LTM, nice mechanics and excellent glass! PM me if you have one you'd part with?
  12. Leicadoc

    SOLD Beautiful Canon EOS 1-V HS.

    This is a prime example of the fine Canon manufacture of film cameras. This classic was previously owned, and was so good that it prompted me to upgrade my glass a great deal. I have since decided to use that fine glass on my new Canon 60D, so I just don't have room for this camera on the shelf...
  13. Leicadoc

    Mint 46mm hood for Konica Hexanon M 28/2.8

    As above I have this metal hood, mint-. He lens was sold last year to someone who didn't want the hood. IF you can find one they are $ 50.00 US. 27.50 gets this one. Oh, by the way, it fits the Summicron 28 nicely, too... PM me for photos if you are interested. Michael
  14. Leicadoc

    Brand new 40.5 mm B & W UV-Haze filter.

    New filter, bought in error, box never fully opened. Payment by paypal. I have numerous feedbacks here and 270 on ebay. 32.50 sent as gift gets it...shipping included.. .
  15. Leicadoc

    Silver 46 mm Leica UV-IR cut filter

    Ex++Leica silver UV-IR cut filter. Limited use. No issues. Ready to ship to you, 75.00 total, including shipping and PayPal, in US. Outside, shipping would be a little more. PM me or email at [email protected] Photo will be posted soon, but I can email one to you quickly...
  16. Leicadoc

    Leicadoc's M8/MP survival kit.

    OK, so you have your M9, or your "new to me" MP/M6, and you have your cherished Leica pre-aspheric Summilux 35. But you don't have a hood for the 'lux. Or you need to add one to put your UV/IR cut filter in so you can shoot the lux on your M8. Here's you solution. This user hood, which I bought...
  17. Leicadoc

    SOLD Konica's Famed UC Hexanon: A rare opportunity for a classic

    The Konica UC Hexanon 35/2.0 LTM combines an ultrasharp image, great speed and bokeh, very similarly to the version 4 Summicron. I bought this one (one of 1000) from Mike Tuomey a little over a year ago, and it is a stellar performer. I am wanting just a bit more speed for lower light, so this...
  18. Leicadoc

    Tiffen 77 mm UV-Haze filter

    This is a fine filter to cover that ultra- wide SLR lens. I used it on my ultrawide Tamron for a while before I sold my D1X. The filter has been stored for several years, not out of the case, until I decided to let it go. Excellent condition. Nice piece. 50.00 US, shipped in CONUS. Payment by...
  19. Leicadoc

    BIG, Big filter sale, Leica, B & W, Tiffen, Hoya!

    This is a large ad for numerous filters I am selling while re-arranging my kit. First is a Leica 39mm black UV-IR cut filter, lightly used, EX . Larger photo at and 80.00 shipped in CONUS. 2)Next, an EX 39 mm...
  20. Leicadoc

    Filter sale, also Finder 25 mm and Leica Vlux 1!

    A combination of filters, finders and camera from Leica, Voigtlander and B/W here after a shelf cleaning. I have a good number of filters for sale on this page. I will list each, and give my assessment of condition and cases, etc., so look at each. These will be organized by manufacturer, and...