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    Fun with MF images 2021

    Hi - I find this group very useful. Here is a 3 file stitch. Was walking around Paris about 10 years ago. H3D-39 with the 80mm. I asked PhotoShop to stick in a better sky.
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    Hello - I see you have had success with revamping Hasselblad battery grips - My name is Bruce...

    Hello - I see you have had success with revamping Hasselblad battery grips - My name is Bruce MacNeil - I am in Toronto. Hoping to restart my H3D.
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    Truly Awesome Show in Toronto

    Have a look here -
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    Truly Awesome Show in Toronto

    My friend Rita - one the strongest fine art documentary photographers at work today.
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    Phase Focus - works - a Toronto Test

    My experience is photo speaking purely practical - colour wise. There are certain colours that cause digital sensors to 'explode.' Standing in front of a group of dresses or children's clothes in certain shades of red and magenta knowing full well that nothing within my skill set or equipment...
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    Phase Focus - works - a Toronto Test

    Hello - Spent some time at B3K In Toronto and a few hours with the new Phase XF and the IQ3 TriChromatic Back. 1 - The focus works very very well. The camera and the 150mm f2.8 BR lens - spot on amazing as with the 80mm and the 110mm. Tried close shots, far shots and extreme recompose...
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    Best place for a landscape photographer to retire

    Criteria: -- Super modern country: much more modern than US or Canada -- Great everything. -- Beautiful mountains, beaches, oceans, buildings. - - tremendous local transportation -- Proximity to Mainland china; Australia ... etc.
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    Hasselblad h6d 100c availability?

    As someone about to plunk down on a 100MP back I find the tendency of some to cast stones disquieting. More time should be spent admiring and drawing inspiration from the terrific and exciting photography of true artists such as Sails Chong or Ed Burtynsky.
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    Review of XF and IQ3 100

    Interesting if a tad dispiriting.