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    FS: Leica M8.U with Green Paint and VC 21 f4

    Payment for M8u sent. Thanks
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    WTB: Hasselblad CFVII 16 (or version 1)

    Merry Christmas to all (bump!) Still looking...
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    WTB: Hasselblad CFVII 16 (or version 1)

    Looking for the above. Can be either version 1 or 2. Need fat pixels! :) perfect feedback available here, rfforums, fleabay & FM. thanks! best, Trevor
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    Help regarding batteries - CF39MS

    Dear friends.. I recently bought an older Hassey CF39MS with a very weak battery. I understand it takes the NP-F series of batteries from Sony, and was wondering if any of them would work in terms of mAh? I googled for the batts, and the only place that seems to carry them would be e*ay...
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    Mamiya 7 - DigitalBack Adapter Plate Concept

    The museum i used to intern at, used heavily modified Mamiya 7 backs (version 1) with Veio backs then. I remember my jaw hitting the floor when i first saw one mounted on the copy stand.... It was a custom made back done by mamiya/leaf back in 2008.
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    Masks!!!! - help!

    Gotcha! THanks again Steve. Still better than nothing i guess.
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    Masks!!!! - help!

    Hi Steve, Done and purchased!!! (darn... that's fast) Just to check this has a split prism in the centre right? thanks again Trev
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    Masks!!!! - help!

    Dear Wentbackward, thanks for the note. Yup, tried that, ending up rubbing off the lines, and my 1 yr old daughter eating the sharpie... :) Steve and Yaya, thanks so much for the note. I'll give the mamiya leaf guys a call. :) thanks to all, and once again... this forum rocks!
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    Masks!!!! - help!

    Hi all. I finally made the plunge after saving for 10 + years & eating rice/potatos daily, and purchased a CF39 back for my mamiya RZ system. :chug: One question. Anyone know where to get the masks for the RZ system based on the CF39's sensor size? i've looked everywhere, and they don't seem...
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    WTB: Hasselblad CFV 16 (Version 1 or 2)

    Still looking. Happy to consider Phase one or Leaf compatibles thanks!
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    WTB: Hasselblad CFV 16 (Version 1 or 2)

    Looking for a Hasselblad CFV 16, either version 1 or 2 ok. 120's getting harder to find where i live... :( Feedback available here, RFforums and FM. thanks! Trevor
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    Want to Buy: Leica 21-24-28mm Viewfinder

    Looking for the above variable viewfinder. If you have the universal finder, the more expensive version, 16-18-21-24-28 Code 12011, let me know too. Any condition considered. Feedback available here + FM. thanks! Trevor
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    Want To Buy: Nikon D800E

    Ok... here goes...Moving away from canon finally. Looking to get a Nikon D800E. Hoping to get a unit without the dreaded left focus issue, shutter problem nor green tint. Preferably with box + all original accessories. Have perfect feedback here on getdpi, largeformatphoto forums +...
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    Want to Buy: Canon 1ds Mark 2/1dsmkII

    Looking for a 1ds mark 2. realized that in addition to a mark 3 i'm looking for, i need full frame.... let me know what you have... software is a must please. Thank you!
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    Want to Buy: Canon 1d Mk 3/1d3, 1d Mk III

    Christmas Bump! (jingle jingle)
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    Want to Buy: Canon 1d Mk 3/1d3, 1d Mk III

    Looking for a 1dmk3. Merry Christmas to all. Thank you
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    Want to Buy: Canon 5d Mk II (5Dm2)

    Hi Rodester, sorry... i didn't receive your PM. Could you try again? Thanks!
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    Want to Buy: Canon 5d Mk II (5Dm2)

    Bump: Still looking
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    Want to Buy: Canon 5d Mk II (5Dm2)

    Looking for a Canon 5dMk 2. Preferably with box + accessories. Grip a plus but not necessary Finally caved in, need video... argh... Perfect feedback available here on Getdpi + Fredmiranda + RFforums. Thanks!
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    FS: Leica M3 (1.046.XXX) CLA'd (12/9-12) w/ 2 months warranty + extras

    Will pay $1000 if you include the cat. :D Free Bump