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  1. J

    Trimmed my lens kit, swapped Noctilux to APO Summicron

    I had a lovely time shooting with the Noctilux 0.95 for the past 2,5 years - when I was actually shooting with it. And there lies the problem.. Even though while out shooting, I didn't really notice the weight, subconsciously it was causing me to leave it home. After some soul searching, I made...
  2. J

    Leica M + grip

    Having got the M10, I noticed with the Noctilux it really puts the weight on ones wrist. Partially because I have to squeeze the camera body quite hard to hold it properly. A grip might help with this. The Leica grip is pretty damn expensive, so before buying wanted to get some feedback...
  3. J

    Q in botanical gardens

    I thought about posting to Fun with Leica Q thread, but didn't want to pollute it with this many images. So figured I'll make a topic of it's own. Moderators, feel free to instruct if I should have done otherwise. Anyway, I visited the glasshouses of local university botanical gardens few days...
  4. J

    Nikon Df + 70-200/f4 VR mirror slap?

    I was shooting away happily with the Df + new 70-200/4 VR. Wasn't really paying attention to it at first, but then I happened to chimp and noticed something was wrong. Was looking just like camera shake.. So I checked my settings and it was 1/500 shutter & VR on normal. Rather strange.. So I did...
  5. J

    Leica Q anyone?

    Now ther are some really interesting rumors going around about Leica Q /codename: Hemingway. What do people think? FF M240 sensor, compact body, 28/1.7 lens. Sounds interesting.. I'd jump on it immediately, if it were M246 internals and they'd made it monochrome! Alternatively a 50mm could...
  6. J

    travelling with X Vario + X Typ 113

    Figured I'd write a short post about my recent trip. I went for a quick week long trip with extended family to Teneriffe early april. I had somewhat hard time deciding what gear to take with me.. In the end I left my Nikon Df + lenses at home and only took X Vario and X typ 113 with me. In the...
  7. J

    Yep, quilty as charged..I did it.. and I'm not regretting one bit!

    In fact I'll do it again some other day! What? Yes, I shot video with an M! I'm just as shocked as you are. But it was worth it :-) Was at my daughters music schools (where tots learn about music) spring closing festivity. She was part of a group of 3 year olds performing a song&dance with...
  8. J

    new M240 owner reporting for duty!

    So, like said in another thred I pulled a Jono.. took all the new gear back to the stealers and got myself a few months old Leica M Typ 240 in silver chrome + a black Summilux 50 Asph. Have to say, after having it in my hands for 5 minutes or so.. it feels like coming home! it is so familiar...
  9. J

    Leica R8

    Come monday and I'll have a great condition R8 in my hands, including a showcase box and manuals etc. Earlier I splurged some cash on a 50/2 Summicron. Sounds like a 1 lens kit for a "50 kinda guy :-) I can't believe I paid total of 550€ (or 740$)for both. And the cron also works with my A7r...
  10. J

    which one manual focus lens for A7r ?

    Let's play a little. I've been watching these threads for a while and people got some truly exceptional photos with their manual focus lenses. And as former rangefinder user, I'm thinkingabout getting mf lens as well. I don't specifically need one, but definitely want one. It's a feeling thing...
  11. J

    Leica R adapters

    Gents, Just found a great solution for this! Leitax has a mount for Sony E. And it permanently attaches _on top_ of the original mount. So no tearing the lens apart with this, unlike with other Leitax adapters. So, it will have no extra moving slack! It's attached with screws in the original...
  12. J

    A7r + Summilux-r 80 info requested?

    Gents, I know some of you've tried it and I've seen some nice photos made with this combo. But nobody has specifically commented on it. So what's your take on this combo? Anything to be aware of? Also what's the focus throw like? I once had the 75 lux on the M8/9 and it was a dream, but the...
  13. J

    joined RX-100 Mk2 ranks today

    Wasn't originally planning for this, but our nex-5 failed about a week back with a broken lcd making it utterly useless. I immediately started looking for a viable option for a family camera (mostly used by my wife) and the RX-100 fit the bill perfectly. Better image quality than the 3 year old...
  14. J

    joined the A7r crowd today

    Just got myself the A7r + fe 35/55 lenses. I'm also getting the zeiss 24-70, but that will be delivered in march. I part-ex'd my belowed M9 and elmarit-m 90/2.8 + summilux 50/1.4 pre-asph for the package included above. Also part of the deal was oly evf-2 for my X2. Was pretty much 1:1 swap...
  15. J

    Apple adds raw support for A7 & A7r

    Apple just released raw update to support the A7 series and bunch of others.. Also Nikon Df. //Juha Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD