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    FS - Phase One P45+, cambo wrs, lens'

    Selling my Phase (H mount) and Cambo kit. Priced aggressively as I would rather pass on savings here than give to E-bay and Paypal! I will post pictures and counts shortly. P45+ -- $7500 w/4 batteries, 2 dual chargers, one shot cable, pelican case Cambo wrs 1000 -- $1700 Schneider 35mm w...
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    Cambo WRS lens

    70mm Rodenstock with Tilt panel and 120mm Schneider (long barrell) for sale: Schneider 120mm f/5.6 N Apo-Digitar lens with copal 0 shutter standard Cambo panel -- $2250 Rodenstock TS 70mm HR Diagram-W lens with copal 0 shutter -- $3950 Both purchased new
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    how to repeat

    Working on a portfolio of images of the decaying Borscht Belt hotels in the Catskills. P45+ with 35mm on Cambo RS. Had firing issues with shutter on T and got this image. Any one have advice to reproduce and experiment with this.
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    Dane Elec CF Cards

    Long story but I find myself in St. John USVI with my Cambo RS/ P45+ , new Sandisk 32GB CF cards, incompatible P1 firmware, and no firewire cable to do upgrade. The only CF on the island is Dane-Elec it works (the Sandisk doesn't) but I am nervous given its not on the P1 list. I will clearly get...