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    Workflow help needed ( Mac Pro with internal SSD and External HDD )

    Hi. My new Mac Pro late 2013 ( Quad Core, 16 Gb RAM , SSD 500 GB ) is coming with a WD 2 TB HDD to use as a external HDD. I will use it mainly for photo editing ( large D800 Raw files ) with Photoshop and Lightroom ( for printing only ) Can you tell which of the two procedures will be the best...
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    Nikon filed a Patent to bring VR to existing lenses.

    The latest Nikon patents | Nikon Rumors Luis
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    D800 HDMI and USB output

    Please, I want to know if I can use this setup : D800 to SmallHd DP-4 via HDMI output D800 to MacbookPro via USB output "at the same time" Just want to use Camera Control Pro 2 ( USB Port of D800 to MacbookPro ) while checking focus with SmallHD DP-4 monitor ( HDMI port of D800 to DP-4 )...
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    "Focus on far, tilt on near"...

    Can you tell me if this procedure is valid to focus with my Arca Swiss M-Line Two ? I use a Sinar 54M with it. Thanks a lot Luis
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    SOLD: Ebony 45SU - Large Format Camera

    Hi,,the condition is Mint + . Lesss than 20 pictures taken with the camera. Original Box. Lens not included. Price : 3.500 u$s plus shipping and paypal fees Location : Argentina This a picture of the camera in Sale. Luis [email protected]
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    Arca Swiss M-Line Two - Quick release Question

    Hi,,,Can you tell me wich Quick Release is used with this M-Line Two. I am buying this camera and want to know wich Quick release I have to buy. I have a Gitzo GT5540Ls and Markins M20. Thanks a lot Luis
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    Epson 7900/ink consumption

    In B&H page of Epson 7900 I've read a User Review telling that he has "an average of 0.4ml of total ink consumption for an 8x10". I am in the way of buying this printer, so, : Can I expect this performance of ink consumption printing a file at this size : Print Quality = Fine/Super photo 1440...
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    SSD / Mac Pro Quad question.

    Just want to use a SSD for OS and Apps with my new Mac Pro Quad 2.66. Will I need 50GB, 100GB or 200GB ? Want to buy this one : I only use this Apps : CS3,CS4, Raw Developer, C1 Pro 5, NX2, Captureshop and eXposure...
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    Need advice before make an investment

    First of all I've asked this same questions on another forum in this site. But your answers can help me from another perspective. Need your advice please. This image was taken with Sinar x/180 Sinaron DB/Sinar 54M DB. Nik Silver Efex Pro was used to convert to B&W. Just three questions : 1)...
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    B&W Final Print

    Need your advice please. This image was taken with Sinar x/180 Sinaron DB/Sinar 54M DB. Nik Silver Efex Pro was used to convert to B&W. Just three questions : 1) Do I expect to have the same range of tones printing it with an Epson "Pro" inkjet printer or sending it to Digital Silver Imaging ...
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    Lens for landscape-Sinar 54M/Sinar x

    I have a Sinar 54M ( 9 micron )and Sinar x camera. Just need a lens for landscape. Do I need to buy a "digital" lens : Rodenstock or Schneider ? What do you recommend me ? I have a Sinaron 90mm 6.8 but I cant find samples of pictures taken with digital lenses to see the difference ? Thanks a lot...
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    Mamiya 645 Pro + sinarback 54M

    Hi...can you explain me please what does this mean ? : "Communication with camera only in Slave Mode via external cables ( release button on plate )" What is Slave Mode ? Thanks a lot Luis
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    Mamiya RZ67 Adapter kit for Sinarback 54M

    Hi..I need your help. Where I can buy a Mamiya RZ67 Adapter Kit to use with a Sinarback 54M in the USA ? Thanks a lot Luis