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  1. DanielDuarte

    Do WTB’s work here…

    EVERY time I post a WTB… I get messages over and over from “new members” who are clearly scammers.
  2. DanielDuarte

    WTB Makina 67

    Thanks folks.
  3. DanielDuarte

    FS: Rodenstock 150mm APO Sironar S

    Very clean lens with both caps, black Copal shutter. Lens board not included 1500 USD shipped within Conus
  4. DanielDuarte

    WTB: Arca Swiss 6x9

    Thanks for the help in tracking one of these down.
  5. DanielDuarte

    FS: Kodak Master View (KMV) 8x10

    Selling my personal 8x10 view Camera. Camera is in user condition and has many years left on the engine. Original bellows are still in good shape and are light tight based on all of my exposures. Nicest element of this camera is a custom one of a kind 3D printed KMV to Sinar Adapter board...
  6. DanielDuarte

    FS: 150mm Schneider APO Symmar

    150 APO Symmar in modern black shutter. In great shape with accurate speeds by ear, hasn’t been bench tested. Glass is clean and free of any fungus / haze. Has some minor Schneideritis which is normal for these lenses. Comes with both caps. Asking 350
  7. DanielDuarte

    FS: Ebony SV810

    Beautiful machine... Ebony SV810 with new bellows manufactured by UK Custon Bellows to exact specs of original Ebony bellows. Does everything it’s supposed to do. Rare... hard to come by these days. Asking 8,000 USD shipped free within CONUS Will post pictures when I’m on a desktop, PM if...
  8. DanielDuarte

    FS: Hasselblad 41050 Ground Glass for SWC

    With original box and case in excellent condition. Asking 400 usd shipped free within CONUS. Global shipping at exact price. Free of any marks or issues. Email me [email protected] for detailed pictures.
  9. DanielDuarte

    WTB: Arca Swiss Cube

    Good afternoon folks, I just acquired an 8x10 Arca Swiss and am looking to pair this with a Cube. If by chance, you're looking for a RRS BH55 Ballhead I have this available for partial trade.
  10. DanielDuarte

    FS: Hasselblad 903 SWC - Clean

    Up for sale is a clean Hasselblad 903SWC with A12 Back. The back has matching serials, is free of light leaks, and has no issues with film flatness. The shutter speeds are accurate to ear, however, they have not been bench tested for accuracy. The optics of this camera are clear and free of any...
  11. DanielDuarte

    FS: Voigtlander 35mm Color Skopar Lens - M Mount

    I’ve sold my MP and now the Color Skopar Lens must go. This is essentially new, it was purchased by me from BH within the last 6 weeks. A wonderful little lens that is a neat performer. Comes with the separate lens hood. Message me for pictures, I can’t seem to load pictures here from my...
  12. DanielDuarte

    FT: Leica MP (.72 Black Paint) for 903SWC

    I have a clean MP, tiniest amount of brassing. Looking for a clean SWC.
  13. DanielDuarte

    FS: Ricoh GRII with Close Adapter

    Selling a Ricoh GRII in clean condition for a close friend of mine who doesn’t have an online presence. He’s the type to jump in and try numerous cameras, only to settle back with his “bread and butter” 8x10 format. Camera is low use, I don’t have an exact shutter count but if someone would...
  14. DanielDuarte

    FS: 150mm Schneider Super Symmar XL

    Mint copy of this legendary piece of glass... huge coverage on 8x10 but with a small rear element that avoids the issues other wide angles of this FL face (rear element doesn’t fit smaller lens board openings). No optical issues to speak or even any marks on the barrel. Asking 2,000 USD...
  15. DanielDuarte

    Canham JMC 8x10

    Selling a Canham JMC 8x10 , purchased from original owner as a low usage camera. Camera functions exactly as it should, no glaring issues. Sale is for camera and Grimes adapter only, any pictures shown with a lens or tripod is not included. Asking 2600 USD shipped free within conus. please...
  16. DanielDuarte

    FS: Graphic Kowa 150mm F4.5 in Copal 3 Shutter

    Optics are in great shape, a nice rendering from this Graphic Kowa. I’ve only shot this on a 4x5 and can not attest to the lens covering large formats. The shutter functions are it should, speeds are accurate to the ear but have not been bench tested. Please note that I removed the white plastic...
  17. DanielDuarte

    FS: Ebony 45SW - Custom Drilled for Weight Reduction

    For clarification: this is not my camera, I am selling it for a friend who does not really use computers. He is a long friend of Hiromi at Ebony and has had a number of 4x5, 8x10, and 11x14 cameras made for him. These are unique pieces, where anything Hiromi deems unnecessary is shed to reduce...
  18. DanielDuarte

    FS: Gitzo GT3542 Mountaineer Tripod Ser.3 4S

    I recently sold my AS Cube and am moving in a different direction. Up for sale is what was attached to that Cube, a Gitzo GT3542 Mountaineer Tripod Ser.3. I purchased this set of legs in December of 2017. I can provide the receipt to the buyer if needed. The legs are excellent condition...
  19. DanielDuarte

    FS: Hasselblad 501CM 80mm CFE / PM45 Prism and A12 Back

    Up for sale is an exceptionally clean Hasselblad 501CM with PM45 prism. I’ll also include the original WLF Finder. The PM45 prism is user condition but it certainly works and does its job. 80mm CFE- clean lens with only minimal signs of internal dust. Shutter speeds are spot on. A12 back is...
  20. DanielDuarte

    FS: Arca Swiss Cube

    I’ve used this head for a couple of years, does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Shows normal signs of use, no major issues. I’ve used it for everything from 35mm to 8x10 and it’s never failed me. Asking 1,000 USD shipped free within CONUS Pictures to follow, having issues uploading from...