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  1. bensonga

    Sigma 105/2.8 DG DN Art Macro

    Nice to see Sigma continuing to release more lenses specifically designed for the mirrorless L and E mount cameras. I already have the Sigma 70/2.8 DG Art Macro lens in both Sigma and L-mounts. I prefer the longer 100-105mm focal length for several reasons, so I placed an order for this new...
  2. bensonga

    Using non-Leica L-mount AF lenses on a Leica SL/SL2

    I have a few Panasonic and Sigma L-mount AF lenses to use with my Pana S1 and S1r. I recently bought a used Leica SL. It has firmware 3.7 installed. When I mounted my Panasonic 50/1.4 Pro S lens on the SL it appears that only the Aperture Priority and Manual exposure modes are available...
  3. bensonga

    Manual focus assist on the S1/S1R

    I bought a S1 a few weeks ago with the best of to use it primarily with my extensive collection of Leica R lenses. Since the S1 camera and lenses were available at a good price (very lightly use rentals), I also bought a few S Pro AF lenses (50/1.4, 24-105/4 and 70-200/4). Fast...
  4. bensonga

    PL 200/2.8 lens

    Has anyone here owned or used this lens? There are a couple of new copies available from Adorama at a $1000 discount from the usual price (including the 1.4x teleconverter of course). For $1499, it is tempting. My memory was just refreshed I recall that Louis had this lens. Gary
  5. bensonga

    Coming Oly 300/4 Pro price increase

    FYI for anyone like me who has wanted this lens.... The price here in the USA will be going up by $400 in February 2020. I have wanted this lens for quite awhile, but have been waiting/hoping for a lens rebate greater than the usual $200. A friend of mine often says "Spend now to save!" That...
  6. bensonga

    RIP Robert Frank His "The Americans" is certainly a 20th century icon of documentary photography. It is one of those books I enjoy looking thru again and again. Gary
  7. bensonga

    How many Four Thirds camera users are here? (not m43)

    I just spent some time looking thru threads on this forum going back to the first one I could find on 10/27/2008. I was looking for threads on the Four Thirds cameras and lenses. This was right about the time that m43 cameras were introduced and so naturally the vast majority of new threads were...
  8. bensonga

    DPM and sdQ comparisons

    In the office today with both my DP2M and sd Quattro with the 30mm f1.4 Art lens. Decided to take a short break and take a few images to compare the results. Nothing scientific, just a first look. Both of these images were shot at ISO 100 and f5.6. I lightly processed the X3F files in SPP...
  9. bensonga

    XF 200mm f2 WR lens

    Any one here with this seemingly rare and impressive lens? Photos etc to share? Gary
  10. bensonga

    Ilford Washi Torinoko paper

    Hi all, Has anyone here made inkjet prints on this or similar "Washi" type papers? I recently purchased a box of Ilford Prestige Washi Torinoko paper. I am trying to decide which type of images might look best on this paper. At $2.40 USD for an 8.5x11 inch sheet, I don't want to waste too...
  11. bensonga

    Sigma L-Mount cameras and lenses

    I thought it would be good to have a thread for the Sigma L mount developments. Hopefully it will be a FF Foveon sensor camera. Gary
  12. bensonga

    PL 50-200 lens

    I was just wondering if anyone here has seen, received or used this lens yet? Gary
  13. bensonga

    Leica and Zeiss combined?

    Purely speculation at this time of course. I don't know enough about the financial strength of Zeiss to know if this would be a good or bad thing for either or both companies over the long term...
  14. bensonga

    Leica Modifies/Ends Free Sensor Replacement Program for M9/M9P/ME/MM Bodies

    As posted on the Leica Forum and LUG today, based on an email reportedly sent to registered owners by Leica: Latest information concerning the CCD sensors of the Leica M9 / M9-P / M Monochrom and M-E camera models. Following the successfully implemented and largely completed replacement...
  15. bensonga

    Mamiya 645 AF APO 300/4.5 experience?

    Hi folks, I'm considering this lens to use with my 645AFD II/film and DF bodies with the P25+ and Aptus II 5. I was wondering if some of you have experience with this lens on these or similar digital backs. I have the AF 210/4 ULD lens and have been impressed with it, so thought I might try...
  16. bensonga

    WTB: Mamiya DM33/DM22 or Leaf Aptus-II 5/7

    In Mamiya mount of course, for a RZ67 ProIID. Please send me a note with condition and price. Thanks! Gary
  17. bensonga

    Images of every day objects...

    The things we touch and use quite often in our daily lives. Some are beautiful in their own right, others are so utilitarian we hardly give them a second thought. Looking back at my own images over so many years, I realize now how often I have been drawn to take photos of these objects, for a...
  18. bensonga

    Sigma Quattro LCD Viewer

    Is anyone using this viewer? Thoughts? If I decide to get a Quattro, I'm considering one of these as well. Looks like it slides to the side as well? Sigma LVF-01 Coming in January SIGMA LCD Viewfinder LVF-01 - SIGMA CORPORATION Gary
  19. bensonga

    Contemplating a Quattro purchase....

    I've read many of the comments here and on other websites about the Sigma Quattros vs the Merrills, both pros and cons. I'll admit that I'm still confused re whether the Quattros have that Foveon "magic" (micro-contrast etc) which set the Merrills apart from the crowded field of other digital...
  20. bensonga

    Help Wanted: Photographer for the National Park Service

    Large format film expertise required. :-) National Park Service Launches Search For Next Ansel Adams : NPR Gary