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    SOLD: (CAN) Leica M9 Black Paint Digital Rangefinder (CCD ID=15, 3k ACT. ) US$2995

    Mint boxed M9 black paint. CCD replaced by Leica in 2018. CCD ID = 15. Shutter count is around 3600. One tiny pin point brassing on the back corner. This is the best black paint M9 I’ve seen for a long time. US$2995 net. Located in Ontario, Canada. Worldwide shipping. Solid references are...
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    (XMAS PRICE DROP)FS: Leica R 19mm f/2.8 ELMARIT-R II Ver.2 ROM Lens

    It has some signs of wear on the barrel cosmetically only as shown in pics. Glasses and functions are all great. Hard to find in these days. The white dots seen from front glass elements are reflections of paint loss inside the barrel. They are not glass defects. US$5600 net Worldwide...
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    FS: Hard to Find! Voigtlander Macro APO Lanthar 125mm f/2.5 SL Ai-S Nikon NMIB

    Very clean copy, easy 9+. Glasses and functions are all great. US$2000 net Worldwide Shipping. Solid references are available.
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    FS: Hasselblad 300/4.5 HC lens. Only 800 clicks. US$1795

    Pay pal is the easiest I guess
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    FS: Hasselblad 300/4.5 HC lens. Only 800 clicks. US$1795

    Thanks. And yes, I have the adapter to use it on S body as well. $450 for the adapter, like new in box.
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    FS: Phase One P45+ Digital Magazine Back for Hasselblad V Mt. US$2850

    This one is priced a lot lower than average sold price. Here’s the reason. When it underexposes 2-3 stops, there is a “line” can be seen around right side 1/3 place. It won’t show under regular shooting/exposure. Samples have been uploaded to show what it looks like. And if you search on the...
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    FS: Hasselblad 300/4.5 HC lens. Only 800 clicks. US$1795

    Lightly used Hasselblad 300/4.5 HC lens. Only 800 clicks. A filter is included. US$1795 net. Priced to sell Worldwide shipping. Pay pal accepted. (shipping by Fedex from Hong Kong or China mainland depending on time of sale)
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    FS: Arca Swiss RM3di w/phase plate, Rodenstock 32mm HR, Rodenstock 40mm HR, and SK 72mm

    I messaged you basically a few minutes right after your listing is up. So I assume I'm the first one. Anyway, it has been almost a month, if I'm on a waiting list, is it my turn yet? Again, it's one person that may be interested in the body and a lens but he couldn't pull the trigger for almost...
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    FS: Arca Swiss RM3di w/phase plate, Rodenstock 32mm HR, Rodenstock 40mm HR, and SK 72mm

    PMed a couple of hours since the listing is up for 40mm lens, still was not able to buy. And send another message to the seller right after you said "all items currently still available", but he wanted me to pay more than listed prices for body and lens together to outbid "another" buyer. If...
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    Contax 645 kit with box and phase one p45+

    Shutter count on the back? Thanks
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    Fs alpa

    Any pics available? Thanks
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    SCAM ALERT! New fairly unsophisticated scam here in B&S

    Pic with a spoon is really a smart move!!
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    FS: Leica M9 Steel Grey (CCD ID=15, 1.8K Act), M 35/2A, M 75/2 APO. MINT!!

    Selling for a friend. I have all the gears on my hands now. So any questions or photo requests are welcome. (I have more pics than uploaded, please let me know if you need to se more) 1. Leica M9 Steel Grey, mint condition, boxed with battery charger, papers, everything is there. Shutter count...