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    Z14-24S ctr Z14-30S

    ..for those considering to upgrade from a Z14-30/4S to Z14-24/2.8S (as I do), take a look here at some calculations I made, sitting in the same consideration The red figures are where the 14-24S outresolve the 14-30 with more than +25% lines being resolved Point is, in my eyes, that the...
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    Preupgrade-problem at C1 ver 21-22

    Hi everyone In october 2020 I upgraded to the C1 pro ver. 21, and had updated to the recent update, before preupgrading for ver 22. By preupgrading to ver. 22 I recieved the mail with license key and the text: "By pre-upgrading to Capture One Pro 22, your current license key is now expired...
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    this is how it started in the "Mount Fuji Active" thread Bart: " I'm still puzzled (and feeling uncomfortable): what are his feelings ? Is it curiousity, annoyed, anxious ? What would you make of his expression, Thorkil ? " He’s worried, Bart, deep down in his roots. He is alarmed. He is...
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    can't upload jpg's....

    I can't upload jpg's any more. I wonder why. I keep them under 2MB, and that use to fit. Any general problem of the site ?????? KR Thorkil
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    70-200/4G ED with 20TC III on Z anyone?

    Have anyone tried out a 20TC III on a 70-200/4G ED and perhaps further more, on a Z camera? I guess a reliable AF might disapear? and "wide open" would mean at least f8, and going for a shutter of 1/400 iso will have to be cranked up a fair amount when out away from the bright light... but if...
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    just a try with a 110/2 FE

    by the river... Hasselblad X1D with adapted Hasselblad-Carl Zeiss Planar 110/2 FE at iso100 1/125 f2 thorkil
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    Question about a used X1D

    I'm thinking of buying a used Hasselblad X1D, while its a very good offer, to put an adapter and my 50/2.8 FE and my 110/2 FE lenses on. As a supplement for film. I have read Vieri's review of his X1D, and its very encouraging to me. Any thoughts in general, and any experience with adapted FE...
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    Sorry - Phase One sold to a Capital fund for 150 mio. US

    Sorry to tell - the danish company Phase One is sold to a Danish Capital fund Axcel for 150 mio. US doller. My "national enthusiasm" has thereby decreased while Capital Funds are known for not paying tax (in contrary to our nearby all other national company's) to the welfare system in which they...
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    Nikon Z35/1.8S blows the Sigma 35/1.4 Art away

    Referring to Photographylife its not only a killer, it has the best performance their team has seen so far from a 35mm lens the Nikon Z35/1.8S leaves Sigma 35/1.4Art, the Nikon FX 35/1.8G and /1.4G completely in the dust sharpnesswise...
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    the Fuji MF 50Mp Rangefinder...

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    Problems with OIS ?

    Hi Anyone noticed problems with the OIS? My dealer claimed the OIS could cause slightly more unsharp pictures compared to tuned of (given that you could achive sufficient shutterspeed) My thought was that the stabilization was made by a sort of gyro-engine in the lens, but it appears to be some...
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    Samsung S7 snaps

    the best is that you just tap the home key twice, without unlocking, camera started, tab the screen where you want to focus (if you want specific area), tap the camerabutton, done. Focus is snap-quick. Wonderful fast and easy. thorkil
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    Sigma dp0

    Wider than ever: Sigma dp0 Quattro’s new lens takes aim at architecture and landscape photographers
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    RX100 vs GRD IV ?

    The Sony RX100 has the horsepower, but lacks the user-friendly handling it seems. And the Ricoh GRD IV seems to be the so-called enthusiast camera, where handling is intuitive and very user-friendly. The IQ in the RX seems to be rather good, so do the ISO-ability, at twice the MP-sensor-size...
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    D800/E Review updated

    Just this, as it confirms our good choise :), and at this side looks like the C1 will win in sharpening, at least in default setting. Nikon D800 Review: Digital Photography Review Thorkil
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    Shooting 800E + the 14-24G ???

    Has anyone been shooting with the 800E + the 14-24G. And how are your experience? sharpness, dof, handheld, pictures... Thanks and Best Thorkil