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  1. J

    Canon FD 85mm 1.2L (Mint)

    Here's my mint Canon FD 85mm 1.2L that comes with both front/rear caps. It's beautiful and almost no signs of use. No marks, dings or scratches on elements. Aperture clicks like new and takes beautiful photos. I'm hesitant to sell as these are truly legendary, manual lenses not often listed in...
  2. J

    Canon RF 50mm 1.2L USM

    Beautiful RF 50 mm 1.2L USM. Light use only with no marks, scratches or dings. LNIB with all original items. USA version, original owner. Copy of invoice included. Free insured shipping, split Paypal fee. CONUS only from established GetDpi members only. Buyer signature required, no exceptions. $1949
  3. J

    Canon RF or EF?

    The biggest difference is in price and not so much the image quality at f/2.0 and higher. At f/5.6, I like the EF better and at F/1.2 the RF is slightly sharper with a just a bit more micro contrast, but the EF has more character. I shoot primarily portraits, so this quality is very important...
  4. J

    Canon New F1 w/50mm 1.4 (mint)

    A few pics...
  5. J

    WTB Sekonic L-208 Light meter

    Found the L 208. Thank you JC!
  6. J

    A major update!

    Thank you for making uploading pics so much easier! Love this new design.
  7. J

    Canon RF or EF?

    Comparison to follow...
  8. J

    WTB Sekonic L-208 Light meter

    Looking for this meter. Thanks. j
  9. J

    WTB Canon BT-72 Lens hood for FD 85mm 1.2L

    Hi, Looking for a BT-72 lens hood for the FD 85mm 1.2L Thank you.
  10. J

    How about more and more fun with Canon...

    A recent shoot with the Canon RP with RF 50mm 1.2. As I've mentioned previously, the sensor has a cinematic quality SOOC. Canon colors are sublime too.
  11. J

    Mailing Film Postage ?

    I've started using Boutique Film Lab over mailers for several reasons. Simple ordering, pricing and shipping are the primary reasons. Each developed roll of E6 is $10 and ship to me was $8. It's $8 to develop B/W. Using a padded envelope with 2 rolls and it cost approximately $5. I probably...
  12. J

    More and more film fun with something other than a Leica M

    Mamiya RZ ProII and 180mm SB
  13. J

    Recommendations for medium format SLR

    Cameras that are easily serviced would be a smarter choice. I decided on all mechanical for its simplicity and lack of electronics. I once craved a Contax 645 for my professional shoots, but service and parts are scarce in the industry even though the lenses are amazing. Understanding the zone...
  14. J

    Switching from digital to film

    Kodak Portra is very forgiving in regards to exposure latitude and probably why many shoot it. I normally shoot Portra 400 and rate it at 200 or 100 iso to get 1 or 2 stops of overexposure. To me it just looks better as film retains detail in the highlights. I also like Kodak's E100 for great...
  15. J

    Recommendations for medium format SLR

    As this thread seems to have evolved towards cameras with movements. I'd suggest the Mamiya RZ with the tilt/shift adapter. Still a SLR, but an incredible camera with fantastic lenses, large 6x7 neg, APO and FLE lens choices. To use the RZ for long exposure you can use the "T" setting on the...
  16. J

    What’s the worst gear mistake that’s happened to you?

    I misunderstood the the thread title as I thought it implied, "worst camera purchase mistakes". That should be an interesting read too.
  17. J

    Malefic 6x17 camera - experiences?

    I owned a Fotoman 612 and loved that camera. Incredible build and comes in 617 with the ability to flatten film plane by twisting on knobs prior to exposure.
  18. J

    Canon New F1 w/50mm 1.4 (mint)

    Beautiful Canon F1 with AE Finder and Canon 50mm 1.4. Camera works perfect and aperture priority is very useful. Almost no signs of use. AE finder is very accurate and the camera is built like a tank. Glass has no scratches or marks. CONUS only. Free Shipping, split PayPal fee. $ 540
  19. J

    Hasselblad with install film

    Definitely cheaper than Fuji FP 100. I purchased approximately 15 boxes a few years ago and have them in cold storage. I'm glad I did as they command $50 per box now! I could get used to Instax at $13.50 per box.
  20. J

    Hasselblad with install film

    Here's a cool accessory for your classic Hasselblad film cameras. I'd really like this for checking exposure and lighting when shooting portraits.