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  1. Jorgen Udvang

    The GX8 replacement is here. It's a Fuji

    Fuji has launched the X-S10, and it's smaller than my GX8. If you take away the grip and the viewfinder bump, it's about the size of a GX9, and it's nearly the same price as the GX9 too. Compared to the Panasonic mid-range trio (GX8, GX9 and G90/95) it has: - Better, larger sensor with higher...
  2. Jorgen Udvang

    Positive feedback, Pelorus

    Just received the Billingham 225 that I bought from Pelorus (Mike) a while ago. It took some time due to Covid-19 and all the slowness associated with that, but the bag is as described, more or less like new, and Mike has been fantastic to deal with.
  3. Jorgen Udvang

    The S5 is coming, full specs

    Very interesting camera with great specs, about the same size as the Nikon Z Trio:
  4. Jorgen Udvang

    Indian weddings on b&w film... great attitude Lots of great stuff, also digital, on her YouTube channel:
  5. Jorgen Udvang

    FS: Fujifilm GX680 AE Finder III

    I'm reducing my GX680 kit and selling the excellent AE viefinder for the GX680 III and IIIs models. The finder is in perfect condition and comes with storage box and original instruction manual. Price is USD 800 plus EMS shipment from Thailand (USD 50-100 depending on country). I will later...
  6. Jorgen Udvang

    Camera geek heaven

    :shocked::shocked::shocked: :shocked::shocked::shocked:
  7. Jorgen Udvang


    Very very nice.
  8. Jorgen Udvang

    8K is so last week... meet 12K

    It's stuff like this that makes me want to start a production company and make something out of the video dreams that have been gathering in my drawers and my head for a looooong time. And it's not so much about 12K as it is about the functionality of that beast. That said, the base unit is 2.5...
  9. Jorgen Udvang

    Olympus sells its imaging business Officially, JIP and Panasonic will continue developing MFT. My guess is that it will become a much more niche product than before, with strong emphasis on video where the small sensor has its strength. If I were to...
  10. Jorgen Udvang

    Panasonic G100

    This might be the future of MFT for me: - Low price (I saw it somewhere, $7-800 I think) - Very lightweight (303g without battery, 412g including battery and 12-32mm lens) - Fully articulated LCD - Viewfinder - 3.5 mm mic jack - Seemingly good ergonomics although lacking some buttons and...
  11. Jorgen Udvang

    The Fashion Photography of Eugene Shishkin

    Fascinating photographer, interesting interview. Inspirational, at least for me.
  12. Jorgen Udvang

    Weird but useful: G9 review

    If you can endure his somewhat offbeat style, this is a rather useful review of the G9's AF and IBIS. Perfect waste of time for lockdowns:
  13. Jorgen Udvang

    Excellent G9 resource

    This woman, Marlene Hielema, offers some very good videos deep diving into the G9's many features: She also has a website: Lumix Camera Lovers The only thing I'm missing then is a G9 :loco:
  14. Jorgen Udvang

    Staged travel photography, a very honest opinion

    Not everybody will agree with this photographer, Etienne Bossot. I mostly do though. Travelling to the other side of the globe, making staged, photoshopped images of the locals is of course the choice of each individual. Where it's getting problematic is when the images are presented as genuine...
  15. Jorgen Udvang


    I found a photographer who shares my passion for HP5:
  16. Jorgen Udvang

    "Afghan Girl" and ethics

    Since I travel to regions where people photography can be controversial, the ethical side of travel photography is something that I care about. Steve McCurry's iconic, and later controversial, photo of an Afghan girl at a refugee camp tells some important lessons. I wasn't aware that Tony...
  17. Jorgen Udvang

    Premiere Rush, a quick fix in a hurry

    Sometimes, I am in a hurry to get material out, and most video editing software is by nature slow to work with, while the simple ones mostly lack versatility. Yesterday, we produced 90 minutes of footage that had to be consentrated down to 5 minutes before noon today, including colour...
  18. Jorgen Udvang

    Good video on scanning

    He shoots 17x6, so his needs are different from the average shooter. Still, there's a lot to learn from his review:
  19. Jorgen Udvang

    The Worst Medium Format Camera Money Can Buy

    Not sure if this guy is joking or not, but I find it kind of funny :) Disclaimer: I have both the regular GX680 III and the IIIs. I love them both :angel:
  20. Jorgen Udvang

    Film is growing again

    Kodak's film production has doubled the last four years. A large portion of the users are young people who hadn't even started taking photos when digital took most of the market. No, film won't overtake didgital. It will be a niche, but hopefully it...