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  1. Steve Hendrix

    Cambo Announces Phase One X Shutter Products

    Some may wonder why we are posting this as a Cambo announcement when other dealers have posted it as a Phase One announcement. Not that it really matters much. But when the XT Camera was announced, it was an announcement from Phase One. Cambo created customized oem versions of their WRS 1600 and...
  2. Steve Hendrix

    New Cambo Actar 19 is Announced

    Cambo has announced a new addition to their Actar lineup, the Actar 19. In this case, they're proudly revealing the origin of the lens, which is the Nikkor 19 TS Lens, a well known and well regarded lens. They have been able to produce an Actar mount that allows manual aperture control for this...
  3. Steve Hendrix

    New Website - Capture Integration

    As most of you know, I don't normally do much self promotion here, but given how long we've worked on this and the number of people involved, I would like to announce a completely new website for our company. I enthusiastically invite you to peruse it! And know that we have some easter Eggs...
  4. Steve Hendrix

    WTB: Mamiya 500mm/4.5 APO Lens

    I have a client looking for this lens and I am helping him. If anyone has one they are willing to part with, please let me know. Stay well. Thanks, Steve Hendrix/CI
  5. Steve Hendrix

    Hasselblad Firmware 1.2.0 Adds Focus Bracketing, other features to X1D-II and 907X SE

    This is a pretty substantial firmware update, so I thought it deserved its own thread. Big items are - Focus Bracketing and Video Capture. But numerous additonal elements. Including, custom EVF proximity settings. I was shooting the other day with my glasses on, and trying to keep the EVF from...
  6. Steve Hendrix

    CI Impressions of Phase One Dual Exposure + and New Firmware 7 for IQ4

    Today, Phase One released a new firmware for the IQ4 150 that provides multiple benefits. The first is the new feature and re-introduction of Phase One Labs, Dual Exposure +, the second is a number of long overdue improvements and bug fixes. There are two articles covering this on Capture...
  7. Steve Hendrix

    New Product: Arca Swiss Core Leveler 75

    Arca Swiss has been reading my mind and delivered a new Core 75 Leveler that extends the movement of the Core 60 Leveler that I love so much. We are pre-ordering, if you would like one, please get in touch. Steve...
  8. Steve Hendrix

    Preferred Filter Choice

    The filter side of the industry has undergone quite a bit of change in recent years. Some of the traditional players (Lee, for example) have updated many of their filters to provide superior performance. And quite a few new players have emerged to consider (HiTech, Breakthrough, Wine Country...
  9. Steve Hendrix

    Picture or Die

    I suppose this could technically be in the large format section, but it doesn't have to be targeted at large format, let's just say this is the medium format version of this. And what this is, is a great article I read last night about Thomas Joshua Cooper, and it concerned mainly his...
  10. Steve Hendrix

    Invite: Capture Integration 15 Year Celebration Week

    This November, Capture Integration is celebrating 15 years in business. As a celebration, and a Thank You to all of those who have helped us in our success, we have planned 4 days of fun and educational events. I don't know if back then we knew what we had in store for ourselves, but 15 years...
  11. Steve Hendrix

    Phase One XT Camera Revelations and Considerations

    With several of the CI Team returned from their time in Denmark last week and weekend, we're now happy to post 4 pages of Phase One XT Information, opinions, considerations, and projections:
  12. Steve Hendrix

    Alpa 12 Pano Announcement and More News

    Alpa today announced a new camera, a pretty interesting one, the Alpa 12 Pano. For those who mourned the demise of the XY, with its mega movements, it partially absolves that burn, but does so in a more compact package. There also are now new grips for the Alpa 12 Plus, and a 90º Pentaprism...
  13. Steve Hendrix

    Small News from Cambo - WRS Rear Covers

    Small but good announcement from Cambo:
  14. Steve Hendrix

    CI Take on P1 IQ4 Frame Averaging - Whys and why nots, hows and how nots

    Brad Kaye has put together a comprehensive article regarding the pre-beta version of the Phase One IQ4 150 Frame Averaging Tool. This covers some of the troubling sample files, as well as new files created by Brad in evaluating the tool. I hope this is helpful...
  15. Steve Hendrix

    Cambo News - Actus G Adapter for Fuji GFX 100

    Just released, the new adapter for the Fuji GFX 100 that allows both horizontal and vertical orientation on the Actus G. Keep in mind that if you already have an Actus G for Fuji GFX and are using your GFX 50S or 50R with it, the GFX 100 can aready mount to this with no changes on your part, but...
  16. Steve Hendrix

    Rodenstock 138mm Initial Impressions and Info

    We had a chance to play with a prototype Rodenstock 138mm lens recently. This particular unit was mounted in the new Rodenstock Aperture Mount. Below is the write up on first impressions. Given the pricing...
  17. Steve Hendrix

    External Battery Life for IQ4 150

    As many are aware, the full performance of what we have known as Power Sharing has not been fully realized. Digital back and/or camera body can stay awake during a battery change, but there is not a significant increase in battery duration with the IQ4 150 that we have seen from residual power...
  18. Steve Hendrix

    Official Phase One IQ4 150 Firmware 1.03.26 Details from CI

    As a result of our communications with Phase One last week that provided some clarity on the information release from the beta version of the firmware, we halted further communications on the topic, honoring Phase One's request and with the knowledge that the release was only days away. So...
  19. Steve Hendrix

    Capture Integration IQ4 150 Quick Start User Guide

    Our very own Brad Kaye has been balancing his technical support duties while compiling a page for IQ4 150 recipients that gives a great overview and introduction for many of the new interface changes and features, and includes some comprehensive information. If you've been using an IQ1, IQ2, or...
  20. Steve Hendrix

    New! Capture One Custom Profiling with Xrite ColorChecker App

    For the past few months, we have been working with Xrite on a beta of their ColorChecker App that is utilized for custom profile generation. The key difference for this app is that it now incorporates ICC profiles, not just the previous DNG workflow. For Capture One users, this is huge. Article...