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  1. fmueller

    FS: Fuji GFX 50S

    Fuji GFX 50S with box and all original accessories. Excellent condition. 2242 actuations. $3200 + insurance and shipping. PayPal
  2. fmueller

    Capture One v21 preorder woes and words of caution

    I didn’t know that. I won’t be doing the C1 21 upgrade until and unless they support the Hasselblad 44x33 sensors. I already manage files in Lightroom since I have it as part of my Adobe Photography bundle subscription. On a bright note, LR just added a color grading feature which looks...
  3. fmueller

    Fun with the Hasselblad 907x

    Thank you very much for the comprehensive instructions and scripts. I shall give it a go and evaluate. Is there a reason that you choose to archive the 3fr files instead of the fff files? I understand that Phase One is trying to “protect” its MFDB business but I have to think the potential...
  4. fmueller

    Fun with the Hasselblad 907x

    This seems the way I'm headed. For quite a while Phase One disallowed Fuji GFX support in C1 but eventually relented, perhaps not seeing the 44x33 market as a direct threat. But with Hassy offering 53x40 sensors in the H6 line using the same 3fr and fff raw files I'm not sure Phase One is going...
  5. fmueller

    Fun with the Hasselblad 907x

    New to Hasselblad digital Just received the 907x and a few lenses. The ability to put the CVF50II on my Cambo tech cam nudged me over the line to make the decision.. My question is workflow. For the past few years I have been running Capture One side by side with Lightroom serving as asset...
  6. fmueller

    Your favourite photographic book done by a medium format photographer?

    I share your admiration for Sammallahti. I pulled it off the shelf to take a browse and I too remember when it was new on my shelf never really thinking much about what camera he used, but I’m sure he had his preferred. I think that most artists, photographic, or otherwise are not indifferent...
  7. fmueller

    Your favourite photographic book done by a medium format photographer?

    I agree, for the most part. But the tools do matter, even to Kenna and Brandt. I am just a bit embarrassed about how much I like Friedlander's work. There is a genius and work ethic behind his voluminous and high quality output that just seems effortless and I am always in awe. As a younger...
  8. fmueller

    Any experiences with the Arca Cube C1 gp (geared panning) FlipLock in rough landscape photography?

    I have been very happy with this Arca-Swiss Head for a long time
  9. fmueller

    Buying a used Leica M6 - any issues to be aware of?

    I feel that way about a Hassy 903 or SWC/M now... But I'm glad I've never sold my M6. It's been with me now for almost 30+ years
  10. fmueller

    Your favourite photographic book done by a medium format photographer?

    Lee Friedlander's Staglieno and his Western Landscapes. I know, that's two--sorry.
  11. fmueller

    FS: Leaf Credo 60 MFDB

  12. fmueller

    For Sale Pointers

    That answers that, I didn’t see anything written about it, or didn’t look closely enough. Didn’t want to be “that guy”. 🙂
  13. fmueller

    For Sale Pointers

    Is it ok to point to a "for sale" item from here to the Buy Sell Forum?
  14. fmueller

    FS: Leaf Credo 60 MFDB

    Leaf Credo 60 MFDB Mamiya Mount 2 batteries and Hähnel Charger S/N available upon request. Thought it prudent not to post on forum. Original owner. Lightly used, note the shot count. $4500 + shipping and insurance-PayPal
  15. fmueller


    Abstract: The Art of Design Episode #7 Platon:Photography :thumbup: Really well done. Shoots Medium format film if you’re wondering why I posted it here.
  16. fmueller

    Gregory Heisler talks cameras and lenses.

    Yesterday I had the chance to watch a B&H "panel discussion" about the new Canon 5Ds and 5Dsr. I have some canon t/s lenses and am trying to make some decisions about their future with me. I have also been looking at the A7rii as a high resolution complement to my MF gear. It was most...
  17. fmueller

    FS: Schneider 35XL and 24XL Cambo Mount

    Schneider 35XL APO DIGITAR Cambo Mount w/Center Filter 2F $2200 USD Schneider 24XL APO DIGITAR Cambo Mount w/Center Filter 2D $2000 USD Plus shipping and insurance. Glass is clean, everything works perfectly. 35XL had lens mount and crash bars replaced by Cambo in 8/2013 References...
  18. fmueller

    Phase One A Series

    Compact Mirrorless Medium Format Oh my! A tethered iphone viewer? The A-Series - From Phase One
  19. fmueller

    A7r and lenses

    *****SOLD***** Thinning the herd Sony A7r, box, 2 batteries, charger, Sony remote release Sony 35mm 2.8 FE w/caps,protective filter, hood and box Sony 55mm 1.8 FE w/caps, protective filter hood and box Glass perfect. Small mark on lens barrel of 55. Hi res photos of equipment available on...